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Putnam 8 Charging Station Now Available in the US

Following the successful launch of the Putnam 16 Charging Station, LocknCharge, in conjunction with Putnam City Schools, announces the Putnam 8 Charging Station.

“After seeing the effective implementation of the Putnam 16 Charging Station, we were eager to work with LocknCharge on another custom solution to aid our district in refreshing digital learning initiatives,” said Cory Boggs, executive director of information technology at Putnam City Schools.

The Putnam 8 Charging Station is designed to charge, store and secure 8 iPad devices, and it also works with iPhones and iPod Touches. The pre-wired station includes a built-in mechanical combination lock and an external charging status display that lights up red when a device is charging and green once the charge is complete. The Putnam 8 can be mixed and matched with the Putnam 16 to have a 24-unit version so that users can select the right capacity for their needs. As an additional feature, both stations have the ability to be placed in different parts of a room to avoid crowding around a single point. Both the Putnam 16 and the Putnam 8 Charging Stations take up the same size footprint–only about the size of a piece of scrapbook paper–making it the perfect solution in tighter spaces.

“We’re very pleased that LocknCharge was able to create a solution that was customizable, giving our teachers the opportunity to utilize the technology in a way that best suits their individual classrooms,” said Charri Stratton, director of instructional technology at Putnam City Schools.

The Putnam 8 Charging Station comes with a lifetime warranty on the station and a two-year warranty on the electrical components. It can be stacked on top of others or mounted to the wall. The dimensions are 14 inches by 12.2 inches by 14.8 inches.

“It’s rare to find such a truly collaborative partnership like the one we have with Putnam City Schools,” said James Symons, CEO for LocknCharge. “It’s our privilege to work with the inspiring educators at the district as they work to implement their 1:1 and digital curriculum initiatives.”

To learn more about the Putnam 8 Charging Station, visit www.lockncharge.com/products/putnam-charging-station.

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