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PD Charging 101: Everything You Need to Know About PD Charging

October 3, 2022

Commonly Asked Power Delivery (PD) Questions

Mobile device charging technology has come a long way in the past few years. The PD Charging standard and the Type C connector were developed in tandem with the aim of being as universal as possible, making mobile device charging fast and more efficient. As the experts in physical device management, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about PD (Power Delivery) charging to help you better understand what it is, how it works and how it may benefit your organization.

What is PD charging?

Power Delivery (PD) Charging is the latest mobile device charging standard. It lets us quickly charge larger capacity batteries than we were able to in the past. Phones, tablets and laptops can all use PD Charging.

How does USB-C PD work?

A USB-C PD Charger can detect the device it’s connected to. If that device supports PD protocol, it will negotiate/communicate between the charger and device, and it will send the right amount of power to provide the fastest charge possible.

What’s the benefit of PD Charging standard and Type C connector, and why do I need PD Charging?

Together, PD Charging standard and Type C connector are the dream team! The PD Charging standard and the Type C connector were developed in tandem with the aim being as universal as possible.

Are Lightning devices PD compatible?

Lightning devices like the iPhone 12, iPhone X and various iPads have been PD compatible for some time. Using a PD charger in conjunction with an MFI-certified Type-C to Lightning cable allows for higher current draw and faster charging.

What is the difference between a Type C cable vs. Type C device/connector?

Type C is much more than just a cable connector or a device socket. There’s a standard for the connector and socket, several standards for the charging method and yet more standards for the communication of data. Just because a device has a Type C socket does not necessarily mean it also supports PD or high-speed data.

How does USB PD select charging voltage?

Voltage is selected by negotiation/communication between the charger and the device.

What devices use USB-C PD?

iPhone 12, iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPad Pro, Google Pixel 5, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung S20 and Note are just some of the popular devices that use PD. When investing in new hardware it’s important to know your new devices are fully compatible with the supporting hardware.

How much power does USB-C PD deliver?

Varies on a product basis. Check your device for specifics.

Can I use my old charger on PD devices?

This is a broader question than people realize. Your old charger can take a USB-A to Type C cable which can connect to a Type C port on a new device and in some cases, may work. So, if you already have the charger and the cable there’s no harm in trying it out.

But most devices will not charge properly, and some will not charge at all. This is important to remember when investing in new hardware.

How do watts factor into mobile device charging?

The Watt capacity (Wattage) of a charger is the amount of power a charger can supply to a device that requests it. Note it is the devices prerogative to request that charge.

The Wattage of a deceive is the amount of power a device can source from a suitable charger.

There is no danger to either device of charger if the relative wattages do not match.

It is ideal for the device (in terms of charge time) that the charger Wattage matches or exceeds the Wattage of the device.

What happens if my device doesn’t support PD protocol, but I plug it into a PD charger?

If the attached device does not support the PD protocol, communication cannot be established. By default, a lower charge rate is used. The short of this being that it may just take longer to charge than normal.

What are the best charging stations for PD Charging?

Best Charging Stations with USB-C PD

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