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Patient Satisfaction Scores Are Improved By Successful Mobile Device Deployments

The research is overwhelmingly in favor of using mobile devices in hospitals. Hospitals seem to be seeing overall higher patient satisfaction scores, and a recent study done by Vanson Bourne (commissioned by Jamf) confirmed just that.

The study surveyed 600 global healthcare IT leaders on their use of mobile devices–from the Netherlands and France, to Germany and the United Kingdom, to the United States. 9 in 10 said their organizations have implemented or plan to implement a mobile device initiative, and nearly all (96%) reported an increase in patient experience scores when mobile devices were deployed, with a third of those claiming major improvement.

Healthcare Dive summed up the study: “When it comes to use cases, the highest support is for clinical care teams, with 91% of respondents saying these would benefit from a mobile device initiative. For example, 67% said mobile devices improve communication among a patient’s care team and 52% said they increase access to medical records. Other areas that stand to gain include administrative staff (73%), nonclinical staff (54%), long-term patient stay (47%) and short-term patient stay.”

The Jamf study also concluded that 47% of organizations plan to increase their usage of hand-held technologies within the next 2 years. Read more on this study here.

Mobile devices are most often used in nurses stations, administrative offices and patient rooms, but can also be useful in countless other places when it comes to patient care. A new Zebra Technologies study found recently that mobile devices are likely here to stay; 97% of nurses and 96% of pharmacists at acute care hospitals said they expect to use mobile devices by 2022. This same study found that 7 in 10 hospitals say IT solutions improve patient care, while 55% cited reduced costs. It also found nurses credit mobile devices with improving staff communications, and 61% report fewer medicated administration errors.

With healthcare becoming dependent on mobile devices, it’s more important now than ever to have devices fully charged and ready to use at all times. A recent study confirmed that 91% of current LocknCharge customers prioritize having quick access to mobile devices. LocknCharge laptop and tablet charging stations charge, store, secure and streamline workflow for mobile device deployments of any size.

Mobile devices make hospitals run safer, faster and improve patient satisfaction scores. If you use multiple mobile devices in your establishment, we can help keep them safe, secure, and charged up for the critical times that your staff needs them. Learn more about LocknCharge secure charging devices in healthcare here.

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