The University of Oklahoma K20 Center Takes the Guesswork Out of Ed Tech

k20 Center in Oklahoma

As technology changes and evolves, it can be difficult for K-20 school districts to know whether or not they’re evaluating the best tech solutions on the market. With so many options to choose from, so many unique classroom needs to address, and so many opinions to consider, it can be tough to know when you’ve gotten it right – especially when it comes to school-issued mobile devices. Decision makers find themselves asking: What types of mobile devices and apps should we implement? What is the best workflow for managing and deploying our mobile devices? How do I know this is the right investment for my school today and in the future? The list goes on…

The University of Oklahoma Research Campus helps educators in Oklahoma navigate these uncharted waters through their K20 Center. The Center operates through grant-funded programs focused on increasing student success through integration of education technology and collaboration with teachers. In addition to providing training and grant money for tech resources, the Center also helps schools find the right hardware and software solutions by fostering conversation within a district.

Twenty days throughout the year, the K20 Center opens the doors to their fully-stocked demo room, home to the latest and greatest in Ed Tech. The experts at the K20 Center research and vet every product in the room. This saves schools valuable time by narrowing down only the products that are proven to be successful in the classroom. The Center encourages a school or district to bring leadership members, IT staff, and teachers spanning different grade levels to the demo room as a way to empower decision making within the group. This encourages ideas from all angles to be considered in a constructive manner.

After demoing a variety of products, school districts often realize there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to a mobile technology plan – what works for elementary school, might not work for middle school, might not work for high school. From their findings, they’re able to formulate an individual plan that works for their unique school district. Because of this collaboration, the collective group can be confident that they’re making Ed Tech decisions that will benefit everyone, which takes the guesswork out of mobile technology planning and ensures that technology becomes an asset for learning rather than a hindrance.

Visit the K20 Center website to learn more about grant programs and the full list of services they provide.

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