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FSTEC Community 2020

FSTEC provides the restaurant industry with foodservice technology solutions and education. Check out LocknCharge’s breakout session from the 2020 FSTEC Community presented by Kevin Kuluvar and Josh Davis.

iPads in Restaurants: Reducing Costs and Creating Efficient Workflows

The food service industry is based on speed, efficiency and quality to delight their customers. With the growing use of iPads for mobile POS and curbside customer engagement, making sure they are available and charged is becoming a critical part of day-to-day restaurant operations. LocknCharge creates solutions to quickly deploy devices into the hands of those that need them, and efficiently manage the devices when not in use. Our products reduce the burden of managing iPads or other mobile devices, and allow restaurants to focus on serving their customers. 

Learn more about how LocknCharge helps restaurants deploy mobile technology on our dedicated restaurant page. 

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