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Evaluating Charging Solutions for Your Restaurant

Many restaurants are planning to or already have implemented mobile point of sale in their restaurants to speed up transaction times and increase sales. We're here to show you how selecting the right charging station for your program can make an instant and lasting impact on your bottom line.

As a restaurant owner, we know you have hundreds of things you could be doing other than evaluating charging stations. So, we're taking the guesswork out of that process for you.

Watch this video to learn about:
  • Evaluating charging solutions and roadblocks you may face
  • Reasons why restaurants are choosing the Putnam 8 or 16 by LocknCharge
  • Features of the Putnam that make life easier for restaurant owners/managers and employees
  • 3 Simple options to order a Putnam Station
  • How easy it is to setup your pre-wired Putnam Station

Learn more about how LocknCharge helps restaurants deploy mobile technology on our dedicated restaurant page. 

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