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5 Best iPad Charging Stations and Carts for Classrooms & Businesses

If your organization owns iPads for students or staff to complete their work, then you need a simple (and secure) way to store, charge, and distribute the devices. A high-quality storage system like an iPad classroom charging station or an iPad charging cart can solve this need.

Nothing hinders learning like grabbing an iPad, only to find that it isn’t fully charged. A high-quality iPad classroom charging station or cart lets your school safely store and charge iPads and transport them from one classroom to another.

When it comes to productivity in a business setting, an uncharged iPad device can have serious downstream consequences. Consider cost of the employee's downtime as well as a potential a lost sale due to a device that isn't working when needed.

Choosing the best iPad cart or best iPad charging station for your school or business depends on many factors, such as how many iPads you need to store at once and if device portability is important to your workflow.

At LocknCharge, we make iPad charging carts for schools and businesses as well as iPad classroom charging stations or office charging stations to meet a wide variety of needs.

5 Best iPad Charging Station Solutions for Schools and Businesses

1. iQ 10 Charging Station

  • Compatibility: iPad and tablet devices
  • Capacity: 10 devices

The iQ 10 Charging Station lets you charge, store, and secure up to 10 iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or other tablet devices in a compact unit that can be mounted on a desk or wall.

A feature that is unique to LocknCharge iPad carts and charging stations is that the devices are stored in baskets of five devices each, making device distribution easy for teachers and students.

Welded steel construction and a hardened steel padlock protect your iPad devices while they’re not in use, and the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. Putnam Charging Station

  • Compatibility: iPad, tablet or cell phone devices
  • Capacity: 8 or 16 devices

Designed to charge, store, and secure up to 8 or 16 iPads or tablets, the Putnam Charging Station is a wall-mounted or stackable charging locker that features color-coded LED displays so you know when your devices are charged.

The Putnam Charging Station comes equipped with 8 or 16 MFi-approved Lightning cables, supplying 2.4 amp charging at each port. The cables are the perfect length for quickly plugging in devices after use. Cables are also integrated into the station so they don't sprout legs and wander off.

Welded steel construction makes the unit ultra secure, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. A built-in mechanical combination lock means there are no keys to worry about, and a master override key is included in case the combination is forgotten.

3. Joey Charging Cart

  • Compatibility: iPad, tablet, MacBook or laptop devices
  • Capacity: 30 devices

The Joey 30 or 40 Carts is one of our most popular universal charging cart solutions for tablets and laptops. The open concept design can accommodate a wide variety of devices, including iPad, iPad Pro or MacBook devices. The Joey Charging Cart features access to up to 30 devices from the top, with a "tool box" tray that lifts out so cables are accessible when needed. It also comes with Large baskets by LocknCharge for easy device distribution.

4. Carrier Charging Stations

  • Compatibility: iPad, tablet, MacBook or laptop devices
  • Capacity: 10 or 15 devices

Carrier Charging Stations lets you charge, store and secure 10 or 15 of almost any device including iPads, iPad Pros, and MacBooks. Removable baskets can be swapped with wire racks to accommodate devices up to 17″. The steel construction and heavy-duty lock make this charging station ultra secure.

The Carrier iPad Charging Station can easily be mounted to the wall, taking up minimal space. And since the cables and bricks are stored in a separate compartment, you’ll never need to worry about missing or tangled cords.

5. CarryOn Portable Charging Station

  • Compatibility: iPad and tablet devices
  • Capacity: 5 devices

The first iPad cart or charging station designed to be ultra-portable, the CarryOn allows you to charge, store, and transport up to five iPad or tablet devices using a sleek carrier the size of a briefcase.

The CarryOn can store tablets with screen sizes up to 10 inches, with or without cases. Its aluminum outer shell makes it both lightweight (5.5 pounds) and durable, protecting the devices inside. The transparent acrylic door lets you quickly see that all devices are there, while the impact-resistant alloy edging gives it a classy look. The CarryOn’s door includes a keyed lock to keep devices safe, and a wall mount kit lets you use it as a cabinet as well.

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