Universal Charging Stations

LocknChange offers a variety of universal charging stations that can charge and secure up to 40 devices at a time. The flexibility allows you to charge any device, including iPads, Chromebooks, MacBooks, and even robots! Our universal docking stations are ultra-secure and provide consistent charging for your devices. With a lifetime warranty, many of our universal charging carts and docking stations can protect the devices you have today and the devices you will have in the future.
Product: Carrier Cart 30 with Accessories

Carrier Carts™

Streamline your workflow with the easy, organized, top loading design of the Carrier Cart. These heavy-duty, fully welded steel Carts accommodate 20, 30 or 40 mobile devices.

Putnam 18 Tower

Put users in control of putting devices back where they belong. With its modular design and 18 numbered slots, the Putnam delivers both space- and time-saving organization.

FUYL Tower 5 or 15™ Charging Locker

Physical security meets digital security with these intelligent charging lockers. They're built with compatibility in mind - accommodating almost any device and workflow to best suit your organization.

Product: Joey Cart

Joey Carts™

Enjoy superior LocknCharge quality at a more affordable price point. Joey Carts offer a lightweight solution, ideal for shared use – charging 30 or 40 devices simultaneously.

Revolution 32 Charging Cabinet™

Small footprint, BIG power. Easy-to-access cable compartments and universal compatibility make this stationary cabinet perfect for 32 devices that need secure and consistent charging throughout the day.

Product: iC 30

iC 30 Cart™

Available exclusively through Apple, this slim, space saving Cart accommodates 30 devices. Offering protection and power with careful attention to details, like the external outlet and charging display.

Carrier Charging Stations™

Don't compromise on precious space for device charging. Carrier Charging Stations are wall or desk mountable and include the convenient mobility of Baskets by LocknCharge, for 10 or 15 devices.

Revolution Wall Cage

Keep tabs on your tablets (and laptops, chromebooks or other mobile devices) with the open and organized security of the Revolution Wall Cage. A simple, all-in-one charging and storage solution for 10 devices.

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