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LocknCharge Customer Voices: English Teacher Sees Life-Changing Improvements with the Use of Tablets in the Classroom

03.01.18 by mollyp in Testimonials

See how Katie Kinder, an English teacher at Kenneth Cooper Middle School in Oklahoma City, OK, has seamlessly integrated tablets into her classroom with the help of the Putnam 16 Charging Station.

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Empowering Students with Mobile Device Charging Stations | LocknCharge

27.12.17 by mike in Blog, Testimonials

DeForest Area School District adds four FUYL Towers to support an open learning environment

Administrators at DeForest Area School District in Wisconsin found themselves facing an interesting situation as they adjusted to students bringing their laptops, tablets and smartphones to school as part an informal BYOD initiative. District officials quickly realized that with students using devices all day, they needed a simple and safe way to store and charge the technology when it wasn’t in use.  

“You don’t always think about charging as a problem until you see the things students do to charge their devices throughout the day,” said Kim Bannigan, a learning information systems coordinator at DeForest Area School District. “Kids were leaving devices wherever there was an open outlet. At one point, an outlet in the cafeteria was being used so frequently that it disrupted the lunch line.”

Students needed better access to secure, easy-to-mange charging stations for the devices that supported their learning, so the district turned to LocknCharge for assistance. (more…)

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Charging Station Designed for Putnam City Schools | LocknCharge

12.09.17 by mollyp in Blog, Testimonials

The Putnam City School District is one of the premier districts in central Oklahoma. With 19,000-plus students spread throughout 27 schools, and a mission to prepare students to be self-navigating thinkers for life, Putnam City teachers aim to build technology into their curriculum. By using iPad devices, the schools hope to enhance engagement and strengthen the learning experience for their students.  (more…)

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Customer Experience Made Easy by Brompton Bicycle | LocknCharge

31.08.17 by jonathan in Blog, Testimonials

Who Are Brompton

Brompton Bicycle is the manufacturer of the iconic folding bike. They manufacture 45,000 bikes per year, selling bikes in over 1,500 stores globally (selling in 44 countries). Additionally, they have 13 Brompton Junction flagship stores, with stores in China, Japan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Munich, Paris and Covent Garden London. (more…)

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LocknCharge Customer Voices: Coordinator of Instructional Technology Finds Passion Using Technology In The Classroom

14.06.17 by jonathan in Testimonials

Listen to Marcus Miller, Coordinator of Instructional Technology for Arlington ISD, talk about how his passion for using technology in the classroom lead him to align with LocknCharge to find his perfect solution – the Carrier 30 Cart.

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