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Multi Device Charging Stations for Hospitality Efficient Multi Device Charging Stations for Hospitality

The deployment of mobile devices throughout the hospitality industry is quickly expanding. 85% of organizations are currently in the research or pilot phase of a deployment–many of which are implementing mobile devices with the goal of improving communications, reducing costs or increasing revenues.1 Would it surprise you learn that 73% of organizations fail to plan how they’ll centrally charge and secure those devices,1 prohibiting their program’s ability to achieve intended results?

Statistics show that 10% of devices break or go missing each year of a deployment3, which may be avoided if the devices are centrally secured and charged. This critical oversight can create painful hassles for employees and administrators alike. LocknCharge exists to help organizations rise above the rest and achieve deployment objectives by offering a multi device charging station to streamline device deployment and secure your investments.

Why is your organization leveraging mobile devices?

1. Collect & Access Customer Data

Having the ability to quickly and accurately collect customer data drives many organizations to deploy devices. 41% of data breaches are caused by lost or stolen devices.2 Securing those devices in a multi device charging station can protect your business from thousands in crippling fines.

2. Decrease Costs

Mobile devices help keep track of inventory and contain costs, but often overlooked is that organizations end up spending $1,800/employee each year on devices3 adding back costs. A secure mobile charging station lowers your per-employee cost by reducing the number of lost or stolen devices.

3. Turn More Tables

Turning more tables means increased revenue, but this initiative can’t be realized simply by implementing mobile devices. Misplaced and uncharged devices can lead to lost productivity and missed sales opportunities. Devices need to be centrally secured and fully charged in a multi device charging station so that they’re ready to use at all times.

4. Improve Communication

Providing accurate orders to ‘back of house’ staff is a goal of many deployments, and uncharged and missing devices can derail this. Centralized, secure charging sets your plan up for success by arming employees with a ready-to-use, fully-updated device.

5. Increase Efficiency

Mobile devices seek to take and transact orders more efficiently, but devices need to be deployed from a central point to ensure employees always know where to find a fully-charged device–improving workflow and speeding up transaction times.

6. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Mobile devices can offer customers an improved experience and allow you to gain customer insights. With quick access to fully-charged devices, your staff is better able to delight customers and solve issues quickly and effectively.

LocknCharge Device Charging Station Products that Enable Your Workflow

Centralized Charging
Mobile Charging
On-Demand Charging
Putnam 8 or 16 Charging Station™ CarryOn™ Charging Station FUYL Tower 15™ Charging Locker
  • Charge, store and secure 8 or 16 iPad or tablet devices
  • Quickly know the charging status of each device via the External LED charging display
  • Short, organized cables allow you to reconnect devices quickly
  • Small footprint and stackable design keep valuable desk or counter space free
  • Pre-wired with lightning cables for easy setup
  • Access all devices quickly with one, programmable combination lock
  • Charge, store, secure and carry up to five iPad or tablet devices
  • Easily move mobile devices throughout or between locations
  • Quickly plug in devices with simple cabling and anchored cords
  • Enable employees to collect survey results
  • Small footprint keeps valuable desk space free
  • Secure the station to a wall or desk with the provided mounting bracket and padlock
  • Features 15 individually-lockable compartments, each equipped with one power outlet and one 2.4 amp USB port
  • View tower usage and manage access through web portal
  • Securely charge devices without being tied to an individual outlet
  • Employees can charge, store and secure personal mobile devices during their shift
  • A seamless solution for check-in, check-out device programs or device loaner programs


Key Benefits of LocknCharge Multi Device Charging Station Products

  • Compatible* & Secure. We have a product to charge, store and secure just about any mobile device out there.
  • Efficient. Our goal is to save your employees time by allowing for efficient charging and quicker distribution of devices.
  • Small Footprint. We design our products to take up the least amount of space possible–which means your charging solution will fit into your current floor plan.
  • Durable Products & Lifetime Warranties.1 Our products are made with high-quality steel and most are backed by a lifetime warranty, protecting your device investment without worry.
  • Customer Support that Goes Above and Beyond. Our local Customer Support Team will help solve any issue you may have with your LocknCharge product. Plus, a dedicated support website empowers you with valuable resources to easily troubleshoot common questions.

The growth of mobile devices and tablets within the hospitality industry has grown significantly over the past several years. From transacting business on a tablet to providing a secure charging solution for customers, LocknCharge has solutions to assure devices are charged and ready to use. 

Customers like Hard Rock Restaurants have found solutions like the CarryOn ideal for storing and charging devices when not in use.

The FUYL Tower has popularity in common areas for customers to charge and secure their devices while in your business. Perfect for lobbies, convention centers or other central locations. 

*May not fit all devices. Please check the dimensions of the device and the Carry Basket. Some Power Adapters may not be compatible.  Contact us for details and compatibility. Specifications and images are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ. iPad and MacBook are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Chromebook is a trademark of Google Inc.  4 Visit lockncharge.com for warranty details.

Sources: 1www.lockncharge.com/research,  2www.forbes.com/sites/steveolenski/2017/12/08/is-the-data-on-your-business-digital-devices-safe/#c731e964c6a3, 

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