Manage Your Budget and Improve Student Outcomes

88% of districts are making this costly mistake when deploying mobile devices.

Cabinet vs Top-Loading-1

Most schools have deployed some level of mobile device program, but what many fail to realize is that one of the largest components that can make or break a deployment is the charging cart or station. If your school is currently utilizing or purchasing low-cost cabinet style carts, you're not alone.

In fact, 88% of districts make the same costly mistake when deploying mobile devices. Tight budget constraints and deprioritization of charging make this the logical choice. After all, it is just a charging cart, right? If improving student outcomes through technology and maximizing a balanced budget truly are two key objectives for your school or district, it's worth your while to reconsider the importance of charging solutions to help you reach your goals.

Ask yourself these critical questions:

Lining Up vs. Learning

How valuable is class time to you?

One cabinet-style cart can gobble up 70+ hours of class time per year, simply in passing out and collecting devices. What seems to be a small part of a complex project isn't so small after all. Imagine what your students could accomplish with two extra weeks of class time per year.

Are you working within tight budget constraints?

When you factor in the amount of time that's wasted on cabinet-style carts, a durable, top-loading and open-concept charging cart proves to be the most budget-friendly option. Each LocknCharge cart saves enough time to equate to $2,100 in teacher wages per cart each year–which means you're paying teachers to teach, not to manage time-consuming mobile tech deployments.

Benefits of LocknCharge Carts

Save time and money.

Baskets by LocknCharge

Baskets by LocknCharge make device deployments faster, safer and more efficient.

Multiple Access Points

Access from multiple sides at once allows for quicker distribution of devices.

Shared Use

When teamed up with our baskets, our lightweight, easy-to-maneuver Carts allow you to transport mobile devices quickly, safely and easily.

Easy to Cable

Cabinet-style carts can take 2-3 times longer to wire. All cabling is stored in the bottom, giving you full access to power cords in one fell swoop.

Hear From LocknCharge Education Customers

Cindy Laird - Technology Director, Nederland ISD

Cindy shares her troublesome experience with cabinet-style carts and how LocknCharge Carts greatly decreased the time it took to plug in devices after use. Reliably charged devices provide more time for students to learn.

Marcus Miller - Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Arlington ISD

Marcus's primary concern for a charging cart was to make lives for teachers easier, relieving their fear of tech integration.

Eddie Simoneau - Ed Tech Coordinator, Coachella Valley USD

Previous carts had taken 5-10 minutes just to pass out devices to students each class period. With the LocknCharge carts and baskets, he was able to cut deployments down to 2 minutes, putting valuable time back in the hands of teachers.

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