K12 Buyer’s Guide for Mobile Device Charging Solutions

15.02.17 by stephanie in Industry News, News

Today’s teaching and learning activities require digital tools. Ensuring that all mobile devices are charged and ready to go for each day’s learning activities requires a systematic storage and charging solution. Does your district use best practices to ensure there is no down time for students and teachers?

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CarryOn for Ultra-Mobile Charging of iPads

13.01.17 by stephanie in News, Product News, Testimonials

Learn how Como Primary School is leveraging the CarryOn for ultra-mobile charging of iPad devices. 

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LocknCharge Baskets have Profound Impact on Class Time: Save 70 hours each year per Cart

26.10.16 by stephanie in News, Product News, Videos

LocknCharge Baskets have Profound Impact on Class Time: Save 70 hours each year per Cart in the classroom using Baskets by LocknCharge to deploy mobile devices with ease. Developed with education in mind, the time savings is immense. Deploy Chromebooks with Baskets saves up to 70 hours of class time each year per 30 unit cart compared to traditional cabinet style carts.

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LocknCharge Now Responsible for Charging, Storing and Deploying Over One Million Devices

23.08.16 by stephanie in News

As educators aim to increase the use of devices in the classroom this upcoming school year, LocknCharge, provider of solutions that increase accessibility and usability of technology, celebrates a milestone of storing, charging and deploying over one million devices. Through their variety of basket-based mobile deployment carts, LocknCharge has helped enable 1:1 learning while saving teachers an average of an hour a week in school districts such as the Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD).

When CVUSD, a district with 19,500 students in 22 schools that cover an area in Thermal, Ca. as large as Rhode Island, realized that only 16 percent of their students that went on to college graduated, they looked for ways to change their culture in order to better prepare their students for the 21st century. Though CVUSD is one of the poorest school districts in the country, superintendent Dr. Darryl Adams set out to become the first school district to provide all P-12 students and teachers with Apple iPads. The district realized that they also needed a solution to manage over 20,000 devices. With the help of LocknCharge’s EVO 40 cart, CVUSD has accomplished the goals of its 1:1 program with the seamless introduction of the tablets into every classroom.

“LocknCharge has been a great partner for us,” said Dr. Adams. “They listen to us, they’ve made adjustments to their products for us and they’ve been very supportive in responding to us. Their product is key to us protecting our investment in our technological devices.”

“Dr. Darryl Adams and his staff had a bold vision to become the first school district in the country to have an iPad for every student and teacher,” said Steve Ledbetter, president of North America for LocknCharge. “Their steadfast dedication has made that dream a reality. We are proud to play a role in helping protect, charge and distribute over one million devices to school districts such as CVUSD.”

After the incorporation of over 20,000 devices into his schools, the U.S. Department of Education honored Dr. Adams as one of the top 100 most innovative superintendents in the country at President Obama’s Next Generation High School Summit.

About LocknCharge

LocknCharge is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of mobile deployment solutions with headquarters in Australia, USA and Europe. With over 300 million tablets sold, LocknCharge offers a solution to the growing problem of physically managing the deployment of mobile devices in classrooms around the world. To learn more, please visit: http://www.lockncharge.com/

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Scholastic Tech Tools Review of iC 30 Cart – Top Shelf Cart

12.08.16 by stephanie in News

Top Shelf Cart

Getting a classroom’s worth of notebooks or tablets from A to B is no trivial matter, but LocknCharge’s iC 30 Cart can make it one of the easiest parts of the school day. Sturdy, well-made and secure, the cart can put fully-charged computers into any classroom.

At 36.6- by 29.0- by 26.4-inches and weighing a hefty 158-pounds, the iC 30 is built like a tank and has a rugged white enamel finish. In fact, it’s so well made that it should outlast several generations of the computers that it will house.

Happily, the cart’s top slides sideways to create a 24- by 25.5-inch worktop that works well for handing out systems or for holding a large monitor. The cart’s inside has a large central storage area.

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