New Technology Solution Trends for Restaurants

Minsk, Belarus. May 2020. Costumer ordering food from car on McDrive, McDonald`s fast food restaurant. McDonald's employee in protective mask takes orders with tablet at McDrive

For many years, quick-serve restaurants (QSR), like McDonald’s, have had traditional drive-through and counter ordering options. Casual dining, such as Applebee’s, has always had a dine-in environment where you sit at a table, a server makes your experience enjoyable, and you don’t have to do the dishes. 

But now, new restaurant technology trends are changing how we eat. As tech advances and consumer preferences change, the restaurant industry is adding and adapting to cutting-edge digital solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated these trends in the restaurant technology landscape, requiring the restaurant industry to shift quickly in order to meet new market demands. These innovative processes are only set to keep profits high and maintain a healthy market in the future.

Here’s a look at the newest technology for restaurants coming to an eatery near you:

Robot Kitchens

Robots and AI together are showing us new ways our food can be made and have become one of the most exciting restaurant industry technology trends. SPYCE in Boston was created to provide low-cost, yummy meals, powered by robots. Customers can order from devices in the store or online, robots grab the food and drop it in the wok – humans are only needed to add the final toppings and provide an excellent customer experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, Alibaba, a supermarket in Shanghai, is using robots to deliver food right to customer's tables. Customers use an app to order and pick out fresh ingredients, then robots transport the food to the kitchen where the meal is cooked. When ready, the food is delivered to their assigned seat via a robot server.

Cloud/Ghost Kitchens

A cloud kitchen, or ghost kitchen, is a commercial kitchen space that allows businesses to fulfill delivery and takeout items without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location. As more consumers order delivery from apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats, a cloud kitchen is one restaurant technology solution making it easier for entrepreneurs to open a restaurant. A cloud kitchen requires minimal overhead and is ideal for chain restaurants to expand the delivery arm of their business.

As restaurant technology trends toward increased delivery service, which has already increased 150% from 2019 to 2020, restaurants are facing delayed wait times for in-house guests. Separating delivery orders from the main business can help improve operations and ensure consumers are getting their food fast. New and veteran restaurant owners can leverage cloud kitchens and restaurant ordering technology to process orders faster.

Ordering Ahead – Mobile & Online

Mobile orders used to be a wee 1.5% of QSR sales in 2015, which jumped to 11% in 2020 and is expected to be a whopping 20% by 2025. Today, restaurants are managing orders from many different apps and online ordering services. As consumer preference continues to trend toward mobile ordering, restaurants are hiring curbside or mobile order staff dedicated to processing these orders with iPads. Constantly checking Uber Eats and Yelp can be overwhelming. However, there are new restaurant technologies that can aggregate orders into one centralized system. Cake software is an example of this technology that can make this process more manageable.

Charging Solutions for Mobile Devices

There are a lot of new restaurant technologies available that have the potential to change the industry forever. What works and what doesn’t work will drive new adoption in the restaurant market. One thing that all these technologies have in common is the devices that make them work. Whether an iPad is being used to place an order made by robots or receive an online order – those devices must be charged and ready to go. Charging stations, like those offered by LocknCharge, are the perfect solution to ensure there is no device downtime. One of the most popular charging stations that restaurant operators prefer to ensure their devices are always charged and available is the Putnam Charging Station.

The Putnam has light indicators to ensure restaurant staff know which devices are fully charged (green), and which need additional charging (red). Plus, it comes pre-wired with fixed lightning cables to ensure cords are there when needed.

Learn More About LocknCharge Products for Restaurants

Visit our restaurants charging stations page to see more examples of how restaurant operators are incorporating LocknCharge charging solutions into their restaurant technology stack.

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Retail’s Digital Transformation

In recent years, the retail industry has undergone a technological transformation that has lead retailers to revamp their mobile strategies and automate many services. According to a recent survey conducted by Gartner, the retail sector will increase it’s technology spending 3.6% this year, for a grand total of $203.6 billion. Additionally, 75% of senior retail executives from Europe said they plan to invest heavily in developing mobile apps, coupons, and payments.

And it makes sense – there are countless benefits to utilizing new technology in the retail sector. With the proper technology, you are putting an emphasis on customer service. Now, your employees can make sales, check inventory and more without ever leaving the customer’s side. You can accomplish more with each customer and help foster relationships with each person who steps foot into your store.

Coupled with this, mobile point of sale, or mobile POS, has also lead to an uptick in sales for many retailers. A recent study by Stratix and IHL Group found that retailers in North America who employed mobile POS technologies saw their sales increase nearly 24% compared to those who did not.

As retailers have revamped their technology these past few years, a lot of them have forgotten one crucial component – a mobile charging solution. Recently, LocknCharge conducted a digital transformation study and found that 73% of organizations are failing to leverage secure multi-device charging stations.  While deploying new technology is great, it will be difficult for your business to reap the benefits without a proper deployment and charging solution.

Because so many retailers are failing to leverage a secure charging station, they are actually costing their company in more ways than one.  Device users are wasting valuable time looking for devices, only to find them partially charged or dead.

In addition to the time loss, these businesses are also putting themselves at serious risk for data breaches and more. Studies show that 10% of devices break or go missing each year of deployment and 41% of data breaches occur from lost or stolen devices. The cost of replacing these technologies and their valuable data? Nearly $50,000.

All of this could be avoided if retailers employed a secure mobile charging station with their technology. At LocknCharge, we offer a number of mobile charging stations that can be tailored to meet the needs of each business. We excel at developing comprehensive, effective charging solutions for clients like Tiffany’s and Hugo Boss that not only help keep their devices charged and secure but also improve workflow as well.

Portable charging stations like our CarryOn are the perfect solution to many tech problems retailers face. With the CarryOn, portability is taken to a whole new level. The CarryOn allows you to carry five devices, together with all the charging hardware and cables in one neat and compact unit. Now, your business can spend less time searching and charging devices and more time focusing on what matters – the customer. See how the CarryOn improved customer service and improved workflow at THRIVE Affordable Pet Care, located inside of Petco stores.

No matter what your business uses its technology for, whether it’s mobile POS or online orders, we have a charging solution for you. Enhance your retail business by browsing our products here.

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Technology Management is Central to Quality, Person-Centered Care: Hallmark Care Homes


There are 19 care homes in the Hallmark Care Homes network, where innovative and award-winning facilities are matched with the personal touch only a family-run provider can offer. All across England and South Wales, residents are enabled to live active, fulfilling lives because of Hallmark’s person-centered approach to care. Hallmark maintains a standard of excellence throughout their organization, and as such, continues to improve upon their offerings and processes. One recent upgrade included the launch of 135 tablets in tandem with a gradual introduction of a new electronic care planning system. This transition from handwritten care plans to electronic allows for better oversight and individually tailored care. It also improves the inclusivity of family members, too, as they can access their relative’s plan or charging station for technology management


Undergoing a digital shift of this size always poses some logistical challenges. Initially, the tablets were left to charge on worktops, filing cabinets or the closest windowsill. Sorting through a spaghetti-like pile of cables or finding devices not fully charged properly was counter-productive, and sometimes charging ports were found damaged after being connected too hastily. Additionally, the tablets needed to be shared among many people – the teams within the care homes and visiting professionals alike. With heavy use of the tablets throughout the day, tidy storing and charging of the devices quickly became an important priority.


Hallmark’s external IT team suggested looking into CarryOn™ portable charging stations by LocknCharge. The ultra-mobile charge station features aluminum cases each hold up to five devices for streamlined storage and simultaneous charging. They were the perfect solution. Hallmark purchased enough CarryOns to have one in every study of every home across their network. They used the included wall-mounting kits to hang the CarryOns – giving their devices a designated home base without giving up any floor or desk space.


Capturing information on every patient interaction has become significantly easier with the new electronic care planning system. Instead of charting hours after a visit, caregivers are enabled to report real-time information on the devices. This information is also more accessible by senior management and support staff, allowing for oversight and further driving home person-centred care. The CarryOn charging stations have helped bring order to this new workflow. Hallmark even reports that they’ve not encountered any challenges with the deployment. The shared fleet of devices has become easier to manage and maintain, which ultimately impacts everyone – staff, caregivers, families and residents. Next on the horizon for Hallmark Care Homes is an app version of the same care planning software. This would open up even more on-the-go accessibility and communications improvements for the caregiving teams. Compatible with all iPad models and many other USB chargeable devices, the CarryOn is ready to keep up.

Download the Case Study here.

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The Sky is Not the Limit: Allegiant Airlines Implements Smart Charging Locker IoT Solutions

Allegiant Air Deploys iPads with LocknCharge, FUYL Tower 15

Technology is not limited to the ground.  It is ever evolving, and airlines around the world are working towards the integration of further technology when planning their development.

EasyJet, for example, has introduced wearable uniforms for its crew and ground staff. The suit is fitted with hems and LEDs on the shoulders and can provide visual guidance to passengers. It is also equipped with built-in microphones to enable direct communication with passengers. Additionally, the uniform also has a LED-based scrolling ticker, on the lapel jacket, which displays basic information such as the number of the flight, the flight destinations and lighting guidance in case of emergencies.

Virgin Airlines have also implemented IoT into their Boeing 787. Every single element on the plane is attached to a wireless airplane network, providing real-time IoT data on elements like performance, maintenance etc. The airline is using the deluge of data that it is collecting through these flights to improve the efficiency of the aircraft and also being pro-active. For example, a jet engine that is performing poorly mid-flight is relaying that information to ground staff throughout its journey, and when the plane lands, airport engineers can then be ready to look into the issue.

Founded in the late 1990s, Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline operating across America. From small cities to world-class destinations, Allegiant finds a way to make air travel both affordable and leisurely. As a major air carrier, it is the ninth-largest commercial airline in the US. It is wholly owned by Allegiant Travel Company, a publicly traded company with 4,000 employees and over US$2.6 billion market capitalization.

With flights from 115 destinations across the country, Allegiant has recently found itself in the midst of a digital transformation.  The pilots and flight attendants depend on fully charged and up-to-date iPads to perform their jobs. Sometimes the devices are broken or lost and there is an immediate need for a replacement iPad. In the past, Allegiant would be dependent upon an IT team member to manually replace an iPad, which is time-consuming and expensive. Now with LocknCharge charging lockers, called the FUYL Tower 15 at every Allegiant employee lounge in airports across the US, the replacement iPad process is simplified, and they can keep business running 24/7.

The FUYL Tower 15 has been beneficial for everyone at Allegiant Air. Now, pilots can swap out their broken or dead iPads with fully-charged new ones from the tower. This allows the aircraft to fly as scheduled. Furthermore, flight attendants can now check-out iPads when they come to work.

Even the IT team loves the FUYL Tower 15 as they can now see all 14 Allegiant Airport base FUYL Towers through one login so that they can effectively push out iOS updates over the air via JAMF to a specific iPad.

Prior to implementing the FUYL Tower 15, the Allegiant Air team had to independently replace each iPad that was lost or broken, costing them both time and money.

LocknCharge is proud to help airlines like Allegiant Air stay charged and connected in the sky and beyond!

Learn More about FUYL Tower

Contact us to talk about your digital transformation.

A LocknCharge representative will reach out soon to help you select the LocknCharge solution that's best for you, to provide a quote or to assist in ordering your products.

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An Apple a Day

Apple Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Apple and LocknCharge – name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.Apple & LocknCharge

When it comes to picking mobile device charging stations and syncing devices for your school’s Apple products there is only one obvious choice – LocknCharge Apple charging stations. We have partnered with Apple for nearly 9 years now to offer you the best solutions for your iPads and MacBooks. In fact, over the years we have become the only globally exclusive provider of Apple charging station for multiple devices via charging carts and stations.

We are fostering a new way of managing and distributing Apple devices. Our Basket-based carts and charging stations are changing the way iPads and Macs are deployed, managed and used in a classroom or business.  Innovative features like our Baskets and a top-loading design can significantly speed up deployment time – up to 70 hours per 30 unit Cart compared to a traditional cabinet-style cart. On average, these solutions save educators and business-owners alike over two weeks of time. Now you can spend less time deploying your tech and more time doing what matters.

Our solutions aren’t just beloved by teachers – your IT staff will be huge fans of the heavy-duty security LocknCharge solutions provide to protect devices. A lifetime warranty on our solutions and the pre-wired options available for select carts and stations available through Apple will make IT staff’s life easier.

No matter if you have 5 iPads or 30 MacBooks, you’ll be sure to find a LocknCharge solution that works for you and your classroom. We offer everything from syncing stations that keep your technology updated, to charging carts that allow you to move your iPads with ease throughout the school. Find all of our solutions here.

Still not convinced? Check out this testimonial from Grand Prairie ISD and learn how the flexibility of our solutions allows them to deploy over 34,000 devices.

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