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Devices Galore

Over the past several years, through the thousands of conversations we have had with districts around the United States, we know that managing multiple devices can be a daunting task. A lot of this has to do with the growth in devices available. According to The New York Times and market research firm IDC; desktop, laptop, tablet, and two-in-one computers shipped to Kindergarten – 12th grade schools and higher education institutes in 2014 totaled $7 billion, about 13.2 million devices. This is a 33% increase in devices over 2013. Much of this growth is being led by the rise of the Chromebook. Chromebook sales had a 310% increase year over year.

With this huge variety of mobile device solutions, deployments are becoming more complex for all involved: IT personnel, Administrators, teachers, students, and even parents. In addition to device growth, the change in technology often means the devices that you are using now, are not the same devices you had four years ago. As devices have evolved over the years, so have deployments. We are now seeing deployments consist of a wide variety of devices to accommodate different education levels’ needs. 

So what hasn’t changed? Budgets and space. Schools across the country are still dealing with the same limited budget and funding to care for and manage these deployments. They are forced to manage double the amount of devices without double the budget, and when they do have the budget to manage the devices they need, schools are beginning to run out of space to store everything.

Continue reading to learn how to make the most of every dollar you have and every limited minute you have while managing your mobile deployment.

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