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Putnam™ 18


What are the dimensions of each slot?

H 1.3 x W 10.6 x D 14.2 in

What if I forget my combination?

The Putnam 18-C Base comes with an override key that will help you reset the password. For more information download the Putnam 18-C Base Lock Instructions.

What is the difference between the 'wall brace bracket' and the 'wall mounting kit'?

The wall brace bracket is included with your Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station. This is used only for stabilizing and the unit to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

The wall mounting kit is sold separately and allows you to mount the entire unit directly to the wall to save floor space.

Do the numbers on the outside of the Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station light up?

This particular model does not have LED displays. The numbers on the outside do not light up.

What devices will fit in the Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station?

Designed specifically for 11- 13” Chromebooks but it can charge anything that fits in each slot and as long as the power bricks fit in the power module. Other devices include small laptops, tablets with and without cases and iPads with or without cases.  NOTE: there may be some devices that don’t fit, so it is advised that customers check the slot dimensions for size parameters.

How do I stack two Putnam 18-C Base Charging Stations on top of one another?

In order to stack two units, you’ll need the pedestal and wall brace bracket for stability. If customers want to stack them, it should be done against a wall. It should be screwed against the wall using the supplied wall brace bracket to prevent the possibility of tipping.

Are there any special power requirements since the station charges so many devices?

No. All LocknCharge devices can run on 120V 15 Amp circuits.


Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station Quick Start Guide

Quickly learn how to set up and use the Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station.

Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station Instruction Manual

Learn how to use your Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station.

Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station Compatibility Document

See if your devices will fit inside the Putnam 18.

Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station Cam Lock Instructions

Easily learn how to use and reset the integrated combination lock on your Putnam 18-C.

Putnam 18-C Base Setup Video

This video demonstrates how to setup the Putnam 18-C Base Charging Station for the first time after unpacking. For more details refer to the downloadable PDF instruction manual.


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