FUYL Tower™

Intelligent Asset Management System®

Charge, store, secure and manage assets for most mobile devices in 5 or 15 individually lockable compartments.


LocknCharge Towers Make Life Easier

LocknCharge allows organizations to reach their goals by saving a considerable amount of time managing mobile devices. Our charging towers are designed and developed with extreme consideration for the end user, solving pain points specific to your needs.

Charges Most Devices
As Durable as it Gets
Lifetime Warranty
World-Class Customer Support

Key Features


Compatible & Efficient Charging

Each compartment is equipped with a power outlet and a 2.4 amp USB port, so you can charge almost any device, including iPads, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, Chromebooks and more.


Physical and Digital Security

In addition to physical security, the FUYL Tower’s embedded computer automatically applies security software updates as they become available. This feature ensures that
for Towers connected to a network, security software is up to date and more prepared against cyber attacks.


Intelligent Remote Management

Once FUYL Towers are connected to the local network, via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, designated admins can view, access and manage Towers from different locations through the local management portal.


RFID Ready

The FUYL Tower supports almost every RFID standard on the market including HID and MiFare: (MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire® 0.6, MIFARE DESFire EV1, HID: iCLASS® Standard/SE/SR/Seos; PIV II, Secure Identity Object® (SIO®).

Network Connected

FUYL Tower 15-Workflow_Graphics-V2_FUYL Tower-Closed

An optional Network Kit vastly expands the data transfer capabilities of the FUYL Tower 5 and 15 through individual Ethernet connections to each compartment. The Network Kit allows IT Departments to install a network switch to the top of a Tower and connect devices from each bay to a network, making it possible to re-image devices remotely.

Product Benefits

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Two Access Modes allow organizations to set the FUYL Tower 5 and 15 to operate with what works best for their workflow. User Specified PIN (USP) Mode means that lockers are open so that the user can reserve a locker, just like a hotel safe. Admin Specified PIN (ASP) Mode puts locker access control in the hands of the Administrator.

Organizations can build connectors for controlling workflow, including features such as managing admin users, managing event logs, operating doors, changing system settings, restarting the Tower, managing API access and more. Click here and visit our developer site to access the FUYL Tower API, code samples and the latest docs.

Each compartment door has a hardened plastic window for viewing the contents inside. Window-blocking plates are also included for organizations that prefer locker privacy. Internal lighting illuminates each compartment to help users clearly see the device and to ensure safe removal of the device.

Software and firmware upgrades are available via the Management Portal.

With the ability to integrate with Active Directory, Tower administrators can log in to the Portal using their username and password stored on their on-premise directory. 

In addition to Online access to the Tower, administrative functions are also available from the LCD Control Module and Keypad. Administrators can unlock, inspect,  quarantine, perform diagnostics and reset systems directly from the Tower.

The FUYL Tower's sleek, minimalist design adapts to any environment.

Designed with passive ventilation to minimize heat build-up during charging, the FUYL Tower stays cool under pressure, and it’s backed by our lifetime warranty*.

Tech Specs

Device Capacity
Product Dimensions and Weight
Device Compatibility
Physical Security
Dual Portability
Period of Charging by Device Type
Charging Method
Product Numbers
Device Capacity
Each compartment is equipped with one 2.4 amp USB port and one 110V power outlet to accommodate two devices per compartment.
FUYL Tower 5
  • Capacity: Two devices* per compartment, 5 compartments 
FUYL Tower 15
  • Capacity: Two devices* per compartment, 15 compartments 


*E.g. One Laptop and one phone/tablet/PDA per compartment. With one 110V outlet, it is not possible to simultaneously charge two laptops in one compartment.

Product Dimensions and Weight
FUYL Tower 5 Specs
  • Dimensions: 23” (H) x 21” (W) x 19” (L)
  • Weight: 77lbs
FUYL Tower 15 Specs
  • Dimensions: 67” (H) x 21” (W) x 19” (L)
  • Weight: 194 lbs
Device Compatibility
FUYL Tower 5 and 15 Slot Size: 
  • 14" (W) x 17" (L) x 3" (H)

FUYL Tower can accommodate and charge almost any device, with or without cases. Charges Chromebooks, Laptops, MacBooks, Tablets, iPads and more.

On average, mobile devices are being replaced every 3-5 years. By selecting an open-concept, durable and universal charging solution, there is no need to throw away additional funds on charging stations every time devices change. Consider the thousands of dollars and hundred of hours saved each year simply by choosing a LocknCharge charging solution at the outset of a device deployment.

Physical Security

10% of mobile devices break or go missing in the first year of a deployment, and 41% of data breaches are due to lost and stolen mobile devices. Durable, secure charging stations by LocknCharge take device protection to the next level, providing significant savings on replacement hardware while avoiding costly fines from compromised data.

  • Heavy-duty, welded and riveted steel construction
  • Keypad or RFID Lock types
Dual Portability
  • Both the FUYL Tower 5 and FUYL Tower 15 can operate as a Standalone unit. 
  • FUYL Tower 5 can be mounted to the wall with an optional Wall Mount Kit.
Period of Charging by Device Type
  • The period for charging will vary by device. 
Charging Method
  • 5 or 15 standard US 110V outlets, one in each bay. 
  • 5 or 15 USB outlets, one in each bay. 
Product Numbers
FUYL Tower 5 Product Numbers:
  • 10213
FUYL Tower 15 Product Numbers:
  • 10208

Magical Unicorn Lifetime Warranty: All of our products are now fully backed by a lifetime warranty on the main frame, electrical and all other components. It’s a one-of-a-kind guarantee that’s as unique as a magical unicorn.

Please see www.lockncharge.com/warranty for complete warranty details.


Our customers deserve products to be fully tested and built to withstand heavy usage. Our design and manufacturing process ensures that our products meet the highest standards:

  • Manufacturing facilities employ robust procedures to ensure that customers are getting a high-quality product. That is why LocknCharge products are built in ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities.
  • Products conform to UL STD 60950-1.
  • Products are certified to CSA STD C22.2 No. 60950-1. 
  • ETL certified.

Specifications and images are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries. Chromebook is a trademark of Google Inc.  *Click here for full warranty details. 

Case Studies

The FUYL Tower 15 has been beneficial forAllegiant Air Deploys iPads with LocknCharge, FUYL Tower 15 everyone at Allegiant Air. Now, pilots can swap out their broken or dead iPads with fully-charged new ones from the tower. 

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Keolis Commuter Services Implements New Tech to Improve Railway Transportation Experience. 

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When looking for a solution, it was imperative that it accommodate all types of mobile devices–much like the table with power strips–so that it was beneficial for all attendees no matter their device type. It was also important the station be durable and secure so that attendees could leave their devices unattended without worrying about theft. After doing research on several types of charging stations, SEG was able to find a product that aligned with their goal–the LocknCharge FUYL Tower Charging Locker. 

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Rally Health Simplifies Workflow So They Can Simplify Healthcare

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Optional Accessories

FUYL Tower 15 Network Kit

With the FUYL Tower 15 Network Kit installed, each compartment has the ability to sync information and pull data from devices connected inside the tower.

LocknCharge FUYL Tower 5 Network Kit

The Network Kit allows IT Departments to install a network switch to the top of a Tower and connect devices from each bay to a network, making it possible to re-image devices remotely.

LocknCharge FUYL Tower 5 Wall Mount Kit

With the Wall Mounting Bracket you can secure your FUYL Tower 5 to the wall.

Replacement Power Cord (10321)

Replacement Power Cord (10321) for the FUYL Tower 5, FUYL Tower 15, iC 10 and iC 15.

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