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iQ™ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD


How many Baskets come with the iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD?

Two. Each Basket has five slots that can fit many iPad and tablet models.

What color Baskets will I receive with the iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD?

Blue and green.

What devices are compatible with the iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD?

Criteria: 1) Cables must be compatible 2) Device needs to fit inside Baskets by LocknCharge -or- the iQ 10 racks.

  • iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD charge devices via a USB-C port. They are NOT compatible with devices that use USB-A cable.
  • For basket or rack compatibility, see helpful guides in the downloads section below.

Are the Baskets interchangeable with other LocknCharge products?

Yes. Standards sized baskets by LocknCharge are compatible with: iQ 10 Sync Charge Station, iQ Charging Station, iQ 20 and 30 Carts and iC Charging Stations.

Some of these products may be discontinued. Contact us for details.

What is the charging rate of the iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD?

Charge 10 devices at once at 30W of power per USB-C port.

USB-C PD (Power Delivery) is a fast charging technology, supported by certain devices, that delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging. This is done by negotiating the optimal charge rate with each device connected to the iQ 10 Charging Station. This means less time charging, and more time using your devices!


iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD - Instruction Manual

Download the iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD instruction manual.

Small Baskets by LocknCharge - Device Measuring Template

The iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD is equipped with two small, 5-slot Baskets by LocknCharge. To make it easier for you to identify which devices fit and which don't, we’ve created a simple template. For further assistance please contact us.

iQ 10 Charging Station USB-C PD - Rack Compatibility

See if your devices are compatible with iQ 10 Racks.

iQ 10 Charging Station - Wall Mount Template

Learn how to mount the iQ 10 Charging Station to the wall using this template.

Setup Video: iQ 10 Charging Station™ with USB-C PD

Learn how to set up your iQ 10 Charging Stations with USB-C PD charging.


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