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一Discontinued: iJ™ 36 Cart


Will my devices fit in the iJ 36 Cart?

iJ 36 Carts come with Racks. Click here for our iJ 36 Rack Compatibility Guide.

Large Baskets (sold separately) can accommodate devices up to a 13″ screen size: Click here for our Large Basket Compatibility Template.

Contact us for more details. 888-943-6803.

I would like to have Baskets for my iJ 36 Cart - what are my options?

Baskets can be purchased separately. Both Large and Small Baskets by LocknCharge will work. Each can hold 5 devices, of varying screen sizes. You could choose to purchase baskets for half of your Cart, or for both sides of the Cart.

Please note:

If you choose to use baskets on one side of the Cart (15 devices) and racks on the other side (18 devices), the Cart device capacity is 33.

If you choose to use baskets on both sides of the Cart (15 devices on each side), the Cart device capacity is 30.

You can learn more about our Baskets here:

What is the warranty on the iJ 36 Cart?

The iJ 36 features a lifetime warranty. For more details click here.

Are there any special power requirements since the Cart charges so many devices?

No. LocknCharge iJ 36 Carts can run on 120V 15 Amp circuits.


iJ 36 Cart Quick Start Guide

Read how to quickly set up your iJ 36 Cart.

iJ 36 ECO Safe Charge Settings

Use the recommended setting below to charge your MacBook devices safely and efficiently.

ECO Safe Charge Instruction Manual

Download the ECO Safe Charge instruction manual.

iJ 36 Rack Compatibility Guide

Check to see if your devices will fit in the iJ 36 Cart.

Lockdown Kit Installation Instructions

Learn how to install your lockdown kit.

iJ 36 Setup Video

Learn how to easily set up your iJ 36 Cart.


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