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EPIC™ Docking Carts


What devices fit my EPIC Docking Cart?

EPIC Carts with docks are designed specifically for docking the Dell 3100 Chromebook. (not the 2-in-1)

If I purchase an EPIC dock with dividers can I purchase the docks at later date?

Absolutely! The EPIC Carts are designed with future proofing in mind. You can upgrade your EPIC cart with USB-C Dell docking kits, available as 24 or 36 docks per kit.

Are the EPIC Carts with docks the same docks as the LocknCharge USB-C Dell docking kits?

Yes, the dock in the docking kits are the same docks included in EPIC carts with USB-C Docking Kits.

Can I use my LocknCharge baskets with EPIC Carts?

You can use your LocknCharge baskets with EPIC Carts; however, it would require the removal of dividers or docks so baskets would fit then on shelf.

How many devices fit per shelf?

There are 12 slots per shelf.

EPIC 36 Cart have 3 shelves.

EPIC 24 Carts have 2 shelves.

How long does it take to setup my cart?

We design all our LocknCharge carts for quick and easy installation. The EPIC Docking Carts will take 30 minutes or less to set up.

Are there any special power requirements since the cart charges so many devices?

 No. EPIC Carts run on 120V 15 Amp circuits.

What is ECO Smart Charge and how does it work?

ECO Smart Charge automatically senses current draw and intelligently delivers power to each of the four banks to ensure circuit breakers aren’t tripped while allowing the maximum number of devices to charge simultaneously.

When it first turns on, it will turn on the banks sequentially and will continue to do so until either a) the maximum current (11 amps) threshold is reached, or b) all banks are turned on and the threshold has not been reached. If it is already on, it will turn off a random bank, if necessary, to stay under the threshold value. The ECO Smart Charge will ensure it does not turn off a bank that has just been turned on. So for example: if banks 1, 2 and 3 are on, ECO Smart Charge turns on bank 4, which pushes the total current draw over the threshold value, which then prompts ECO Smart Charge to then turn off bank 2 or 3 to reduce the total current draw so that bank 4 can continue to charge.

ECO Smart Charge ensures bank 1 stays powered on so you can always charge your priority devices; banks 2-4 will be selectively powered until all banks can be actively charging while maintaining a safe total current draw so not to trip any circuit breakers and keep the maximum number of devices charging simultaneously.

How does ECO Smart Charge compare to ECO Safe Charge?

The ECO Smart Charge improves on the ECO Safe Charge by eliminating the need for timed manual cycle settings by intelligently monitoring total current draw and adjusting the active banks accordingly. The ECO Smart Charge ensures more devices are charged more frequently while also avoiding nuisance tripping from an overloaded circuit.

How does ECO Smart Charge compare to other “smart charging” solutions?

Similar to other smart charging solutions, the ECO Smart Charge eliminates the need to manually set which bank of devices is changing and how often, but rather the ECO Smart Charge monitors the total current draw and intelligently providing power to 4 separate banks of charging devices. Unlike other competitive products, the ECO Smart Charge will always keep bank 1 powered to ensure your high-priority devices always receive the charge they need.

How many power banks are in each Cart?

There are 4 banks per carts. You can plug six devices per bank on the EPIC 24 and nine on the EPIC 36.

Is there a min and max power draw per bank?

There is no min/max per bank from the perspective of the ECO Smart Charge as it only measures total current draw, which is a maximum of 11 amps and minimum of 7. In terms of electrical safety, the amount of current that could be drawn from a single bank would be limited to the maximum of the circuit breaker installed in the PDU and the circuit breaker on the input of the ECO Smart Charge. Because the EPIC 24 can hold up to 24 devices compared to EPIC 36 at up to 36, it is likely that all banks will remained on with the EPIC 24 and not reach the maximum draw of 11 amps.

Is there any visual indication of what bank is currently being ‘charged’ or is on?

No. There are no indicators on the ECO Smart Charge of the currently active banks.

What is the warranty on EPIC Docking Carts?

The EPIC Carts feature a lifetime warranty.

The Docks feature a 5-year warranty.

For more details click here.

How many locks are included?

There are two locks included with your EPIC cart, one is to lock the front where devices are accessible the other is the back, where cables are stored.

How many keys are included and will they work for both locks?

Three keys are included with each lock.

The three keys that accompany the lock are the same keys for that particular lock.

The set of keys may or may not be the same for the front and back locks. They are chosen at random. 

I need to know more about the USB-C docking kits. Where should I go?

For FAQs specific to the USB-C Docking Kits click here.

I have dual USB-C ports on my Dell Chromebook, does it matter which I use to charge?

Yes, the correct way to charge your Dell 3100 Chromebook with dual USB-C ports is with the Dell Logo upright and facing the right side of the dock.

What keeps the Chromebook from rubbing on the sides of the Dock?

This Dock has been pre-treated with a long-life, low-friction film. Some cleaning agents may prematurely reduce the effectiveness of this film. If excessive friction occurs, please contact customer support.


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