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LocknCharge to showcase its award-winning sync, charge and store devices (and launch two newbie’s) at BETT 2016

LocknCharge is committed to making teachers’ lives easier by manufacturing high quality solutions for syncing, charging, transporting, securing and storing iPads, tablets and other mobile devices. Technology has many advantages in the classroom, but unlike textbooks, tablets have to be ‘managed’. LocknCharge helps solve this problem. It is world famous for its unique and innovative baskets, which keep tablets safe and reduce the time spent by teachers in distributing devices, as well as the time spent by children queuing up to put them away in a traditional cabinet style solution.

On stand F120 at BETT, LocknCharge will launch two brand new products focusing on effectiveness, versatility, integration and ultimately, on saving time. This includes an exciting solution for schools where students are encouraged to bring their own devices (BYOD). The new FUYL Tower from LocknCharge is an intelligent powered locker providing unique features and benefits that will make both teachers and students’ lives easier as well as help schools evaluate and streamline their systems and resources.

The FUYL Tower is designed to individually store, charge and secure almost any mobile device – including tablets, laptops, mobile phones and more. Like us adults, who often go into work with our mobiles and tablets only half charged, children are turning up to school with tablets that need charging. It features a power outlet and USB port in each compartment (2.4 amp USB port, 240V outlet). Through a simple and easy to use secure digital locking system, children can charge and secure their tablets until they need to use them in class. Gone are the days of children sitting by plug sockets, charging their tablets while using them!

The FUYL Tower is made up of 15 compartments that throughout a school day can service up to 100 students. Children enter a four digit PIN from the digital keypad, and the FUYL Tower will automatically allocate an available compartment. They then insert and connect their device (USB or outlet), close the compartment and enter the four digit PIN again. The same four digit PIN re-opens the compartment when the student comes to collect their device later.

Where the FUYL Tower becomes unique is in what it can do ‘behind the scenes’. School IT Administrators have control to remote access admin, where they have the opportunity to see how many locker compartments are occupied or available in real-time. If a student forgets their PIN, IT Administrators can unlock compartments from a remote location. The FUYL Tower provides schools with a full audit trail and time-stamped events. Schools will know how often the FUYL Tower is used, when it is used and more. This intelligent data logging and statistical analysis is unique to LocknCharge and will help schools to make future purchasing decisions. Staff can use the ‘master override’ options to control the FUYL Tower both on-site and off-site, safely and securely.

To ensure the unit is ‘future proofed’, FUYL Towers are upgradable so that schools can benefit from software/firmware updates as the product evolves.

LocknCharge will also showcase its award-winning Carrier 20 Cart, which won Tech & Learning’s ‘Best of Show’ at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference and Expo in Philadelphia, USA in June 2015. The Carrier 20 Cart is optimised for small deployments and enables teachers to maximise students’ learning time. Schools can store, sync, and simultaneously charge as many as 20 mobile devices at once. The universal Cart works with iPad devices and most other tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks. The Cart includes four removable baskets that hold up to five devices each and is designed to enable several people to access it at once.

James Symons says: “LocknCharge products keep tablets safe, synced and charged, and always ready for use. This makes the management process so much easier for individual teachers and schools, freeing up their time to do what they do best – teach.”

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