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LocknCharge Announces Five New Charging and Syncing Carts and Stations Designed to Support Mobile Devices at Primary and Secondary Schools

LONDON, U.K., Jan. 13, 2015 – For the BETT tradeshow, K-12 mobile device management specialist LocknCharge announced five new products for safely storing, syncing and charging the latest mobile devices at schools in Europe, the U.K. and Ireland. Educators at BETT will be the first to see in person the new innovations from a world leader in learning technology at LocknCharge’s stand #F90. The company is known for innovative Carts that efficiently store and simultaneously charge mobile devices in schools. The new compact in size iQ 20 Cart™ and the Carrier 20 Cart™ are designed for transporting through tight hallways and can efficiently store, sync and charge as many as 20 mobile devices at once. The universal Carts work with iPad®, iPad Air™ or iPad Mini™ devices and most other tablets, laptops and Chromebooks.

In addition, three new desktop or wall mounted charging stations offer smaller options to help schools store, sync, charge, secure and distribute as many as 10 devices in the iQ 10 Charging Station™, iQ 10 Sync Charge Station™, and Carrier 10 Charging Station™. All of these new products feature LocknCharge’s proprietary hand-carry baskets.

The iQ 20 Cart and Carrier 20 Cart, as well as the new iQ 10 Charging Station, Carrier 10 Charging Station and iQ 10 Sync Charge Station solve the problem of storing, charging and protecting iPad devices, tablets, chromebooks and laptops in schools. The rolling, high-quality steel Carts and stationary Charging Stations make organising and charging mobile devices in the classroom simple. The Carts and Charging Stations all ease and speed up device distribution and sharing through the ergonomic Baskets by LocknCharge. Both Carts include four removable Baskets that hold up to five devices each and are designed to enable several people to access them at once. The smaller Charging Stations each contain two Baskets. The signature Baskets are light and easy to carry to a different room, if rooms are sharing devices, or upstairs without moving the Cart.

“LocknCharge provides the highest quality, forward thinking charging Carts, charging stations and sync and charge stations that work with any mobile devices schools are using to keep them safe, secure and always ready for students to use,” said James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge. “Our iQ 20 Carts and Carrier 20 Carts are new models in our popular iQ and Carrier lines of Carts, only now optimised for smaller spaces and deployments.

Efficient charging is essential for iPads and tablets in school settings to be productive, ensuring they are ready when students need them. Both of the new Carts can charge up to 20 devices simultaneously. The iQ 20 Cart can also sync while charging, a new advancement. LocknCharge’s top of the line syncing technology in the iQ 20 Cart seamlessly integrates with Apple Configurator and other syncing software to sync up to 20 iPad devices simultaneously.

Teachers or IT administrators can easily secure the Carts and keep their devices safe at the end of the school day. The Carts feature an advanced highly secure soft-closing safety lid that protects students’ fingers from being caught and closes quietly. Secure doors have two locking points to protect the school’s valuable mobile technology investment safely inside. The Carts can also be chained to the floor overnight, with the included floor anchor, locking them in place so they can’t be moved or stolen.

iQ 20 Cart Features

A few new features specific to iQ 20 Cart are:

  • Lightningto USB Cables are pre-installed. The 20-MFi approved cables are ready to start using immediately.
  • A Compatible, universal design and functionality makes it compatible with all iPad models and almost any tablet that supports USB syncing and charging.
  • The fine-quality finish features extras that make it stand out from the rest such as a stainless steel handle, locking mechanism and oversized castor wheels for smoother rolling.
  • LED indicator lights reveal the charging and syncing status of each device while they’re connected to the iQ 20 Cart. A built in legend on the sliding top lid always displays the meaning.
  • Two USB host ports on the outside of the Cart conveniently allow devices to sync while secured in the Cart.

Carrier 20 Cart Features

The Carrier 20 Cart is equipped with four extra-large, removable five-slot baskets by LocknCharge, so teachers can deploy as many as 20 iPad devices with ease. Some additional Carrier 20 features are:

  • A Remote Control is included so that the Cart can be turned on from almost anywhere in the classroom.
  • New larger Baskets by LocknCharge. The Carrier 20 Cart is equipped with larger baskets, allowing it to fit bigger devices. Teachers can store and safely distribute 13-inch Chromebooks, tablets or iPad For any devices that are too large to fit in the baskets, there is a three-level adjusting storage shelf. This allows users to place an optional Stainless Steel Device Rack into the Cart’s storage area. The rack accommodates up to 17-inch laptops.
  • The secure soft-closing, sliding lid doubles as an additional workspace holding up to 20kg.
  • Cable management is simplified for quick and easy set up.

Charging and Sync Stations

LocknCharge offers stationary security for up to 10 iPads, tablets, chromebooks and laptops with its three new locking “Charging” and “Sync Charge” Stations – the iQ 10 Charging Station, iQ 10 Sync Charge Station, and Carrier 10 Charging Station. The combination of welded-steel construction, a mounting-kit and a hardened steel padlock, protects a school’s devices while they are not in use. Any wall, desk or bench can be used to securely install these Stations for charging mobile devices. The Charging Stations are designed to be flexible and adapt to each school’s environment. Secure charging is provided by an externally accessible power outlet, which enables charging of devices while they are safely locked in the Charging Station. Each of the three Charging Stations includes two five-slotted LocknCharge hand-carry baskets, for quick and easy distribution of devices.

The iQ 10 Sync Charge Station is the most comprehensive of the new stationary Charging Stations, with the added ability to sync 10 devices simultaneously with top of the line syncing technology. Also, this Station is one of the first LocknCharge products to include LED status indicators that instantly tell teachers and students the charging and syncing status of each device while they’re connected.


The iQ 20 Cart, Carrier 20 Cart, iQ 10 Sync Charge Station, iQ 10 Charge Station and the Carrier 10 Charging Station are expected to ship this spring. All include a lifetime warranty. Schools can pre-order these products now through selected resellers of Computers Unlimited. For information, questions or advice in deploying mobile devices, LocknCharge is available to help at +44 (0) 208-441-4107

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