Join LocknCharge in Recognising “World FM Day”

On the 15th May, facilities managers and workplace managers will celebrate “World FM Day”, recognising the facilities management profession and the contribution the industry makes to businesses and organisations worldwide. This international day gives thanks to those who keep our facilities healthy, safe and productive.

This year’s theme is ‘Celebrating Global FM Standards’, and celebrations will take place throughout the entire month of May. Created in partnership with student engagement consultancy Class of Your Own, the school’s workshop programme was unveiled last week to a group of member volunteers, including IWFM Manager of the Year Laura Birnbaum.

Established in 2018, the IWFM is the professional body for workplace and facilities practitioners. It exists to promote excellence among a worldwide community of over 17,000 and to demonstrate the value and contribution of workplace and facilities management more widely.

Activity-based workshops in schools across the UK are being unveiled as part of the campaign, with the aim of encouraging children to learn about its diversity and impact.

The school’s project is the pilot phase of an IWFM ‘career of choice’ campaign being developed with input from leading FM service providers to address the profession’s growing skills gap. In future, the campaign will target different audience groups, including graduates in relatable disciplines and others such as military personnel, aiming to attract the brightest and best people into the broad sector.

After the pilot workshop last week at Alder Grange High School, Rawtenstall in Lancashire, Mark Whittaker, IWFM North regional chair and Solutions Consultant for Thomson FM said:

“The day proved a great success. The kids were brilliant and spent part of the day noting the aspects of facilities management delivery within the school to highlight areas of improvement.

“I believe it is crucial that as a profession we initiate the conversations with children about a career in FM at secondary school age. It was brilliant to be able to share details of some exciting UK and global projects, to hopefully ignite a passion to pursue a career in the profession.”

This is just one of a number of initiatives from IWFM to mark World FM Day.

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge says, “LocknCharge has a founding principle – to make people’s life easier. LocknCharge makes products that make life easier for people managing distribution of mobile technology and the people using the mobile technology.  This includes those in the FM industry, in areas such as schools, office blocks, and similar. As such we are delighted that focus is being brought to a sector that is so important in our everyday lives.”

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For more information on World FM Day see the IWFM website at: www.iwfm.org.uk

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