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Haswell Update: Reliable syncing and charging with LocknCharge

Are you having problems syncing more than 25 devices with your Cart? With LocknCharge, you’ll never have these problems. And if you do…. we’ll find a solution.

In June 2013, a range of Apple products incorporated the new 4th Generation Intel Core vPro Processors (Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7).  The new 4th Generation Intel Core vPro Processor products limits the number of devices which can be connected via their USB ports to a maximum of 25.

So what does all this mean?

For many manufacturers of charging and syncing carts, cabinets and cases, this is a major problem as it defeats the purpose of having a product that syncs and charges on mass.


LocknCharge products (New iQ 30 Cart™, iQ 16 Cart™, iQ Travel Case 20™, iQ Wall Cages™ and the iQ Sync Charge Box™) are not affected as they incorporate intelligent Cambrionix electronics. The intelligent electronics means that LocknCharge products have the capabilities to update and upgrade the software to allow for syncing beyond 25 devices.

Simply download the update from the link below, follow the instructions and carry on syncing and charging.

Click here to download the update.

LocknCharge… it just makes life easier.

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