Save time and money with future-proof charging solutions.

Most schools are utilizing mobile technology in daily curriculum with the goal of improving and facilitating student learning. Typically, the main focus of new technology is placed on the mobile devices and their software; however, there are other products–such as extra charging cables, software, and charging stations–that must also be evaluated and purchased to ensure a successful program.

Let’s face it. Every school is challenged with limited resources; so to save money, it seems logical to choose a charging cart or station based on price. After all, it’s just a charging station, so the most economical option is “good enough,” right? The straight-forward answer to that question is, absolutely not. What many districts are not considering is how choosing the right charging solution can have a significant impact on technology budgets and employees’ time in the future. In the last three years, only 12% of schools purchased a future-proof product, reducing costs long term.

What makes a charging solution future proof?

Charging solutions will account for a significant portion of your mobile device budget. Now, imagine the costs and time your district would save if you don’t need to replace your charging solutions every time you roll out new mobile devices. LocknCharge has coined this concept as “future-proof charging.” Future-proof charging solutions combine universal charging, open-concept designs and durable products to save schools significant time and money.

Universal Charging – Mobile technology is constantly improving, and many schools do a great job keeping devices relevant by replacing them every 3-5 years. However, mobile devices that work today might not be the answer tomorrow. A universal charging solution can accommodate a wide variety of mobile device sizes, regardless of their cases or cables. Switching from iPads to Chromebooks doesn’t mean you also have to make an additional investment in a new charging solution. Simply swap out the cables and you’re good to go. For schools that need to accommodate multiple device types, a universal solution will hold several different devices in one, centralized charging unit.

Open Concept Design – Today you’re focused on implementing new mobile devices–but in few years, the focus may shift more heavily toward adding robots, VR goggles, drones, and perhaps even technology that doesn’t exist yet. A charging station designed to fit a specific device will limit the ability to charge other technology in the future. Open-concept designs provide ultimate flexibility to evolve with your school as the tech program changes and grows. Removable racks and baskets allow carts and stations to accommodate anything that “fits in the box”–eliminating the worry that you’ll be stuck with outdated charging carts or stations as your mobile devices change.

Durable Products – When a charging solution is made from high-quality materials and is coupled with an aggressive warranty, you can expect it to last for 10+ years. To create a comprehensive, future-proof strategy, features such as universal charging and open-concept designs MUST be backed by durability.

Key Point: In order for you to successfully implement a future-proof program, the chosen product must possess all three of these qualities. If the product claims to flex with your tech plans but isn’t durable enough to last, you will fall short of your goals. On the flip side, if a charging solution is so durable that it lasts a lifetime but no longer suits your needs, that product cannot be part of your long-term strategy.

Long-term benefits from selecting a future-proof charging solution.

Most technology in schools is replaced every 3-5 years. By thinking bigger up front, you can benefit from time and cost savings.

Hidden Time Savings

Many districts have an amazingly organized process for evaluating new technologies, but it still takes a significant amount of time to review new charging solutions every time you buy new devices. Districts start by creating a team of folks from many different parts of the organization, spending hours researching the tech specs on several types of solutions. Then you get demos of the products and maybe even do a pilot program. This process is extremely time-consuming for all parties involved. Who wants to do that every 3-5 years? For bogged down tech teams, getting back valuable time can make a significant impact on their ability to focus on new initiatives, such as implementing new tech like smart lockers. These outcomes equate to a positive impact on the district’s bottom line–which inherently means better outcomes for employees, teachers, and students.

Hidden Cost Savings

The least expensive option may seem like the best choice for today–but as you look ahead, you will realize that it’s not the best choice long term. It’s obvious there are significant financial benefits to a future-proof charging solution, so why continue to spend resources on charging solutions every time you change devices when it could be reallocated to where it’s needed most? Contrary to what you may have originally thought, charging solutions have a significant impact on the success of a mobile device deployment–which is why it’s important for you to challenge your team’s current way of thinking when it comes to price sensitivity.

Your homework assignment

Take some time to sit back and imagine all of the ways your school or district could use additional time and money that was saved by implementing future-proof charging solutions. The future looks bright.

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