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Case Study: LocknCharge and Chromebooks in St. Aloysius Institute

Criteria for Selection Cart

In the past, St. Aloysius Institute found evaluating device carts more simple. They simply looked for good cable management and the ability to charge a singular device type (mostly Windows Laptops) in a secure cart.

When working on their new deployment, they had new criteria emerge when evaluating how to charge and securely store their devices. The solution must be:

  • A universal solution – accommodating Chromebooks, tablets and more.
  • Portable – the carts are kept in a safe environment where administrative colleagues can keep the devices safe, clean and charged but the devices need to be easily Transported to where theywill be used.
  • Stylish and Modern – the solution must be both functional and stylish blending more seamlessly into the school’s environment.
  • Value – rather than going for the most expensive or least expensive solution, the cart needs to providence a good value for the price.

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