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Calculate Your Lost Productivity for a Manual Check In/Out Device Workflow

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Many organisations offer short-term or long-term mobile device check outs for employees, shift workers, field workers, students, teachers, substitute teachers, guests or others. 

Highly-successful executives and managers who are responsible for managing these mobile device programs tell us they are frustrated by the following: 

  • Shared devices are not readily accessible nor reliably charged, delaying the day.
  • Managers are forced to prioritise distributing and collecting devices over their primary operational roles.
  • Device breakage and loss is significant for shared devices that are not secured or tracked.
  • Data is exposed when devices are not securely stored, and MDM software is not enough.

If any of these pain points sound familiar, the first step toward finding a solution is to quantify the problem.

Calculate Lost Resources and Productivity for a Manual Check In/Out Device Workflow

Productivity Loss
Hours spent every week
Cost of employee time every week
Cost of employee time over 12 months
Device downtime hours every week
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Calculate Lost Productivity for Manual Broken Device Exchanges

Many organizations also experience frustrations with manual broken device exchanges. Click the link below to calculate the productivity loss of your manual break/fix workflow.

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