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Frequently asked questions

What is the Warranty on this product?
Structural warranty is 10 years.
Electronics warranty is 1 year

How quickly can I expect to receive my (product name)?
Typically, any product will ship within two-three days of receipt of purchase order

Is there a discount available for non-profits?
We don’t have discounts specifically for non-profits.  Discounts may be available through your preferred reseller.  Volume discounts may apply. Please call for information 1 800 306-4335.

Are there volume discounts?  
Discounts may apply. Please call for information 1 800 306-4335.

Do you have a price list you could send me?
We don’t currently have a price list. You can easily request a quote or submit a question on the LocknCharge website at

Is there a catalogue available?
We do not have a catalogue but our products are clearly listed on our website at

How do I become a reseller for your products?
The Douglas Stewart Company is the distributor for the LocknCharge products in the U.S.  The process to become a reseller is easy.  Simply send us a request and the process begins.

What voltage does the (product name) require?
All LocknCharge products for the U.S.  run on regular 110 voltage. The Sync Station operates on less than 4 amps when fully loaded.

How do I make a purchase?  
Making a purchase is easy.  If your preferred reseller is already a reseller with The Douglas Stewart Company, you can work directly with the reseller of your choice.  If you don’t have a preferred reseller, you can also purchase directly.

  • Can I use a credit card?
    You may be able to use a credit card with your preferred reseller.  Through us, you can use a credit card through your PayPal account.
  • Do you have net terms?
    If you want to purchase using Net 30 terms, you would need to complete a New Customer Profile and send that to us along with your PO and resale exemption certificate.

What pieces/parts are included with the purchase of the product? 

The iQ 32 cart includes:

  •             Instructions
  •             32 USB connecting cables 
  •             Master keys for Digilock
  •             4 separate baskets with foam inserts
  •             2 iQ 16 Sync Stations (sync and charge boxes)-packaged separately
  •             Secure bolting system for floor connection

The FUYL station includes:

  •             Instructions and Templates
  •             3 Fuyl Cells with 2 USB and one 110 outlet in each slot (5 slots per cell)
  •             Pedestal
  •             Digital locks
  •             Master keys
  •             Assembly Hardware
  •             Securing rods for connection to walls and/or floor

The iQ Traveler includes:

  •             1 Pelican case with custom foam insert (can hold up to 16 or 20 iPad devices)
  •             1 iQ 16 Sync Station (sync and charge boxes)-packaged separately
  •            1 Power cord and 16 USB connecting cables

The iQ 16 Sync Station includes:       

  •             Instructions
  •             1 Sync and Charge box
  •             1 Power cord
  •             1 USB cable

Is it possible to purchase the baskets for the iQ 32 Cart separately? 
Yes.  Call 1 800-306-4335 for more information

What size iPad Case can the current baskets hold?
The dimensions of the current basket slots are: 7.875″ wide, .875″ thick, up to 11″ long  The foam inserts can also be removed to accommodate larger iPad case sizes.

Can I use a Windows laptop to sync with my iPad devices?
We recommend using a Macbook as it is able to sync all 32 devices through iTunes simultaneously.  If you are using a laptop with Windows, iTunes for Windows recognizes only seven devices.

Is there an iPad cart option that does charging and storing only?  If not, when will one be available?  
Yes, we are in the process of developing a charge and store cart. Look for this product availability in 2013.  

How can you tell which iPad devices are fully charged?
Our iQ 32 cart charges 32 iPad devices in approximately the amount of time it takes to charge one.  If the iPad devices have been charging for four hours, all should be fully charged.  We do not have a charge state indicator on the outside of the cart.

Can you sync and or charge iPod touch devices or iPhones with an iQ 16 Sync Station (sync and charge box)?  

Can the Sync and Charge boxes that come with the iQ 32 Cart be removed and used outside of the cart? 
Yes, that is a unique feature of our cart.

Does the iQ 16 Sync Station sync and charge the iPad devices at the same time?  
No, once the syncing process is complete, the MacBook needs to be disconnected for the charging process to begin.

Does the iQ 16 Sync Station sync multiple images at once?  
No, this is not possible when using iTunes.

Does the iQ 16 Sync Station work with the new iPad devices?  

Does the iQ 16 Sync Station work with the new iPad Mini’s?  
Yes, but the customer would need to supply their own cables.

Does the iQ 16 Sync Station work with Apple Configurator? 

Do you have to purchase three FUYL cells in the FUYL Station configuration?
Our typical FUYL Cell is a FUYL station consisting of three FUYL cells and a pedestal.  You can buy FUYL cells separately.

Is there a swipe card option for the FUYL Cell?  If not, when will one be available? 
Currently, our FUYL cell solution comes with a digital key lock.  A swipe card option is under development. Stay tuned.

Our facility uses RFID for our employee badges. Can we use these same badges with the FUYL RFID option?
Our RFID works with the MIFARE standard.

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