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iPad Devices on Planes

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge Technologies, PC Locs and Global Avenue, will be presenting on how the company built an iPad storage, charging, syncing and transport solution for the iconic Australian airline company, Qantas, and for planes in general.

Qantas Airlines is leading the way with domestic in-flight entertainment by providing an iPad to each passenger that travels domestically within Australia or on the international Honolulu sector on their fleet of Boeing 767 jets, free of charge. The latest TV shows, movies and in-flight magazine are wirelessly streamed on-demand to each iPad in both economy and business class (equivalent of coach and first class in the US).

Such an achievement presented many challenges, from the initial mass configuration of a large number of iPad devices and the interference-free wireless transmission of large amounts of digital media content, through to the practical issues associated with storage, transport, charging, syncing and deployment of multiple iPad devices.

The solution required the tight collaboration of a number of key organisations including PC Locs (branded as LocknCharge Technologies in the US and Europe), Telstra (the largest Australian Telecommunications carrier) and Qantas (the largest domestic airline carrier) themselves. Utilizing many unique technologies but centered around the iQ16 SCB Sync Station developed by PC Locs, a unique solution was produced and materialized in a converted galley cart comprising 64 iPad charge and sync bays.

Qantas deploys the iPad devices into the seat pocket across its Boeing 767 jets from the customized charge and sync carts through the plane before passengers board. Passengers are able to utilize the content on the iPads once a safe altitude is reached and access all entertainment streamed throughout the aircraft as well as pre-loaded apps, music, books and magazines.

The charge and sync carts travel with the 767′s and at the end of the flight the iPad devices are collected and returned to the carts for charging and syncing off-board in dedicated secure rooms at each major port, ready for service next day.

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