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Mobile technology is infinitely changing and mobiles devices continue to shape our work place. Read about the technology and devices that shape LocknCharge solutions, and potentially your working and learning environment.

Increase teaching time with LocknCharge’s new Carrier 40 Cart™

Latest charging cart offers teachers a complete storage solution to reduce distribution time in the classroom.

London, UK – 22 July 2014 – LocknCharge, the mobile device management company, has launched its latest Carrier 40 Cart to help drive the reduction of mobile device distribution time in the classroom. Mobile education is opening up new opportunities for students to learn across the UK, but is increasing the burden on teachers who have to spend time distributing, maintaining and charging mobile devices whilst they should be teaching.

This new addition to the LocknCharge portfolio has been designed as a complete storage solution for the security, charging and transport of up to 40 Chromebooks, tablets and iPads, making it easier for teachers to maintain mobile devices for learning.

Accessories_heroIts new five slot carry baskets are lighter, easier to grip and accommodate almost any mobile device with or without cases. The cart’s larger device storage area means that mobile devices can be accessed easier and by more users at once.

The Carrier 40 Cart’sECO Safe Charge™’ technology has been designed to handle the power requirements of most mobile devices, carefully staging the availability of power to each device. This makes the Carrier 40 Cart one of the safest, most efficient and future-proofed power management systems on the market for schools.

Improved cable management offers a channel system that holds all wires in one place. Security has also been enhanced with a two-point locking system to keep mobile equipment safe.

“With mobile education being deployed in more schools across the country, pupils are missing out on crucial education time while devices are being handed out one by one by teachers,” said, Harvey Stone, business development EMEIA for LocknCharge. “The addition of the Carrier 40 Cart will enable schools to reduce distribution time so classes can start earlier. Teachers will be able to effectively manage large numbers of mobile devices at once, without having to deal with each piece of equipment individually. This is a massive time saving benefit, especially for teachers who are usually accountable for these devices. We believe this new cart offers more flexibility than any other on the market, making it a must buy for both schools moving towards a more mobile learning programme.”

The Carrier Cart is also available in two additional sizes: Carrier 20 Charging Carts are designed to hold up to 20 devices and Carrier 30 Charging Carts can accommodate up to 30 devices.

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LocknCharge is a privately owned, multi-national company. With over 184 million tablets sold in 2013 alone and growing to 396 million by 2016, LocknCharge is solving the growing problem of physically managing the deployment of these devices and others.

LocknCharge is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality and most functional security, charging and transport solutions for storing Laptop, Tablet, Chromebook, iPad and other mobile devices.

LocknCharge’s primary purpose and reason for existing is to make life easier. The company’s vision is to be globally recognised as the most innovative and trusted brand in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology.

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