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Mobile technology is infinitely changing and mobiles devices continue to shape our work place. Read about the technology and devices that shape LocknCharge solutions, and potentially your working and learning environment.

Confused about what device to buy?

Well it turns out that you’re not the only one.

BYODWith so many options available, varying prices, different specifications… how do you know which device is best for you or your work place? And if you’re purchasing on behalf of a school or a business that is rolling out devices for staff and students there’s the added factor of thinking about secure charging and possibly syncing.

“Even for people that use a tablet a lot for serious work — say, to write an essay — they might say they need to go back to a physical keyboard, but the real question is if the tablet has enough screen real estate to see the keyboard and the content being worked on, so it’s not just physical keyboard or virtual, but how much real estate the virtual keyboard gets.” – quote from an article by Matt Hamblen from Computer World. Click here to read the full article.

The good news is that physical management of the devices is now easier as LocknCharge have a range of solutions that can cater for varying sizes and syncing and charging requirements. Now all you need to do if pick one

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