LocknCharge solutions are designed to make life easier for those implementing mobile technology deployments. See why customers love LocknCharge smart lockers, charging stations and charging carts to efficiently manage Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets and laptops.

Keep Your Organization’s Devices & Data Secure with a Smart Charging Locker

Would it surprise you to learn that 41% of data breaches are due to lost or stolen devices? Good news. There's a better way.

Life Without vs. Life With FUYL Tower

When laptop, tablet and iPad devices are not securely stored after use, your organization's data is at a greater risk. Watch this quick video to see how FUYL Tower™ Smart Lockers deter device theft and protect data.

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Tech Team at Brasher Falls Spends 80% Less Time Managing Student Device Issues by Utilising a Smart Locker by LocknCharge
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Goodpasture Christian School Efficiently Loans Devices to Students by Utilising a Smart Locker

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