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4 Benefits of a Secure Laptop Charging Cart for Esports Programs and How to Choose the Best One

esports in schools - team cheer

Egaming, or esports, has emerged as a popular form of entertainment among children and teenagers in recent years, with professional gaming competitions drawing millions of viewers worldwide. As a result, many schools have started to integrate esports programs into their curriculum to keep up with the changing times and to incorporate esports skills into real-world career application.

These programs range from casual after-school clubs to competitive teams that participate in tournaments and leagues. Proponents of egaming programs argue that they can improve teamwork, strategic thinking, and digital literacy among students – and because of these benefits, schools throughout the world are investing in esports programs.

IT equipment needed for esports can be very expensive and is often a barrier for schools looking to implement or expand their egaming programs – which is why a secure laptop charging solution is imperative to mitigating unexpected costs due to stolen or missing egaming devices.

Here are 4 ways a secure charging cart can help esports teams:

1. Keeps laptops safe and secure

A laptop charging cart provides a safe and secure environment for egaming teams to store and charge laptops when not in use. Laptop charging carts are often designed with durable materials that can withstand bumps, knocks, and other potential hazards during transport or storage to ensure your expensive gaming investment is protected.

2. Simplifies organization and reduces clutter

An open-concept laptop charging cart helps egaming teams stay organized by providing dedicated spaces for each laptop and other equipment. This makes it easier for team members to find laptops quickly and reduces clutter on gaming tables or in team rooms.

3. Increases productivity

With all laptops charged and ready to use, egaming teams can focus on practicing and competing instead of worrying about battery life. Charging carts enable teams to keep all their laptops in one place, reducing the need for team members to spend time searching for power outlets.

4. Offers convenient mobility

Egaming teams can easily move a secure laptop charging cart from one location to another, making it a convenient option for traveling to competitions or events. Charging carts have durable wheels and handles that make them easy to move around.

Top Features to Consider When Evaluating the Best Charging Cart for Your Esports Program

LocknCharge Carrier Charging Cart for egaming equipment

1. Open Concept, Top-Loading Cart Design

A charging cart designed to fit a specific device will limit the ability to charge other technology in the future. Open-concept designs provide ultimate flexibility to evolve as your egaming program changes and grows.

Look for carts, like the LocknCharge Joey Cart or Carrier Cart, with removable racks and baskets that can accommodate anything that “fits in the box” – eliminating the worry that you’ll be stuck with outdated charging carts as your laptop technology changes.

Plus, a top-loading design provides visibility and access to devices or accessories more quickly than a traditional shelf-style cart or cabinet.

2. Cycle Charging System for Greedy Esports Laptops

Eco Safe Charging power management for LocknCharge Charigng Carts

Look for Carts with power management like ECO Safe Charging, which cycles power for a specified duration to devices in groups rather than full power to all devices at once. This ensures that all laptops inside are receiving some level of charge in a shorter time without causing general electrical overload.

3. Device mobility that can go the distance

LocknCharge Carrier Charging Cart for egaming equipment

Charging carts on wheels can be an “e”game-changer for teams that travel. The mobility of a cart enables teams to load all of their technology into one container and move it wherever it’s needed for play. Plus, mobile device carrying baskets provide additional mobility to allow hand out and pack-up of 5-10 devices at a time.

4. Durable, secure cart construction

Egaming and esports equipment can be very expensive, which is why a durable and secure cart is critical to protecting your investment. Choose an esports laptop charging cart with solid, steel construction and a generous warranty to maximize your budget.

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