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Improve Your Attendees’ Event Experience with Easy Access to Secure Charging

“ Where can I charge my phone? Is there a power point around here? ” 

These are the two most popular questions asked of event staff working at the Perth Conference and Exhibition Centre in WA. Followed closely by “What’s for lunch?” 

Exterior of Perth Conference Center

When we’re away from home, traveling, or out and about, many of us spend way too much time worrying about where we can charge our phones. Especially while at a conference trying to get critical work done, using apps that quickly drain batteries. Who hasn’t had that dreaded feeling of despair upon seeing a low battery alert, or felt the anxiety of watching your power drop under 10%, knowing that it’s not even noon and you have a full day ahead?

Fulfilling the need to charge our phones is universal, undeniable, and at times unattainable. The obvious solution is to plug your device into a power socket when it requires recharging. But most buildings aren’t outfitted with enough power points to meet our ever-increasing demand. If you’re lucky enough to find an inconveniently located place to charge, you’d better be up to the challenge of sitting on the floor for half an hour just to get some juice while guarding your phone. That is, assuming you had the foresight to bring along your power adapter.

One remedy for event organisers to meet the charging needs of their attendees is to install additional outlets. But infrastructure updates are costly. Also, outlets don’t provide any protection against breakage or theft. As you can imagine, a convention hall floor is not the safest spot to store a device.

Reacting to this common problem, the team at Seven West Media and Arinex event solutions, the organisers of the hugely successful Resources Technology Showcase 2019, teamed up with LocknCharge to come up with an innovative solution. Mobile device charging lockers were deployed at three strategic locations throughout the show: one event charging station on the main exhibition floor for the 6,000 attendees, one in the Seven West Media Hub for journalists and reporters, and one for the keynote speaker sessions allowing the resources sector executives to stay connected.

FUYL Tower in Perth Conference Center

Easy to use and accessible, FUYL Tower 15 Charging Stations provide an ideal solution to a growing problem. Event phone charging stations can be placed in open public areas where they’re needed most. Working much in the same way as a hotel safe, users choose a locker and assign a PIN to store and charge their device safely. Each compartment is equipped with a power outlet and a 2.4 amp USB port, which charges almost any device, including iPads, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, Chromebooks and more. Fast charging capability, while devices are securely locked away, provide much-needed relief from the angst caused by a dead phone. Charging stations can also save money by eliminating the need to install new power points. 

Conveniently located, the Towers were in constant use throughout the Resources Technology Showcase and proved to be a real hit with delegates and staff. 

This additional resource added a level of comfort and flexibility for visitors, further enhancing their experience. While we can’t help with your lunch menu, we can help provide the answer to your event’s most common questions about charging and power points. If you would like to learn more about having charging stations at your event, please contact us here.

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