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Dayton ISD: How to Run an Efficient Student-Led Help Desk with Smart Lockers and Learn21

Challenges: Inefficient Loaner Device Distribution to Students

Dayton Independent School District adopted a one-to-one device program for students but faced challenges in managing loaner devices effectively. The existing system of storing loaner devices in the help desk was cumbersome and time-consuming. The district needed a solution that could charge Windows laptops for students and integrate with their existing Learn21 help desk software for efficient loaner distribution.

Solution: FUYL Tower Smart Locker + Learn21 Integration

Casey Woods, the IT administrator at Dayton Independent Schools, sought a solution to streamline the distribution of loaner devices and minimize student downtime. Casey’s district implemented the LocknCharge FUYL Tower Smart Locker system, which provided a centralized and organized system for storing and distributing loaner devices, ensuring easy access and quick deployments. The integration with Learn21 help desk software allowed for fast and seamless ticket processing.

Benefits of a Smart Locker and Help Desk Software Integration:

  • Efficient Loaner Device Distribution: With the FUYL Tower Smart Locker in place, Dayton Independent Schools eliminated the need to store loaner devices in the help desk. This streamlined the process of providing loaner devices to students in need, significantly reducing the time spent on this task.
  • Reduced Student Downtime: The new system's efficiency allowed the school to keep students in the help desk for no more than 5 minutes, enabling them to return to class quickly. This improved overall student experience.
  • Student Empowerment: The FUYL Tower Smart Locker system encouraged students to become self-reliant in accessing loaner devices. Students could teach each other how to use the locker, reducing the dependence on IT staff and enhancing student involvement.
  • IT Staff Time Savings: Casey Woods reported a substantial reduction in the time spent finding lost or missing devices. Before implementing the smart locker system, he spent a couple of hours per day searching for devices, which reduced to about one hour per week after the implementation.

Peer Review for Smart Lockers:

Casey Woods recommends the LocknCharge FUYL Tower Smart Locker to other school districts. The ease of use and quick access to loaner devices greatly benefits both the IT department and the students. The system not only improves device management, but also empowers students to take control of their device needs, ultimately enhancing the overall learning experience. The implementation of the FUYL Tower Smart Locker at Dayton Independent Schools highlights how investing in innovative solutions can lead to increased efficiency, reduced learning downtime for students, and a more seamless education technology experience for students and staff.

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