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Ways a LocknCharge Charging Station or Cart will Improve Culinary Classroom Workflow

using tablets in charging stations to improve culinary classroom workflow

Improve your classroom’s culinary workflow by implementing a LocknCharge mobile device charging station. LocknCharge Charging Stations and Carts are designed with many useful features – the most important being that our products make life easier for those who use mobile technology, whether in or out of the traditional classroom setting. Many culinary training programs, like the Culinary Arts and Pastry & Baking Arts at ICE, are deploying tablet and mobile tech into their daily curriculum and need secure stations to keep devices safe, centrally-located, and fully charged. Check out the variety of ways our charging stations can benefit workflow in the kitchen or classroom.

Save time

The biggest benefit from adding LocknCharge Mobile Device Charging Stations to a culinary classroom is the amount of time it will save students and teachers. By utilizing a Charging Station, classrooms will decrease device hand-out/pack-up time, and it will allow students to get to cooking faster. Reducing device pack-up and handout time through the use of a LocknCharge Cart and Baskets can save up to 2 weeks of class time, per class, each year in comparison to a traditional front-loading, cabinet-style cart. Current LocknCharge customer and Director of Instructional Technology at Putnam City Schools, Charri Stratton, said on the topic of efficiency: “Instructional time is so important in the classroom. Every minute counts, and just being able to look at the cabinet and know that all of the iPads are there, and they’re all charging, saves 5-10 minutes per day… over a semester that’s a huge amount of instructional time.” Students have limited time in the kitchen or classroom, and anything that increases efficiency becomes key to a well-functioning program.

Devices will be kept safe

LocknCharge Charging Stations are best-known for securing and protecting devices from theft and breakage. Their high-quality design ensures a safe spot to secure numerous mobile devices. This allows students and teachers to rest easy when leaving their kitchen and classroom at the end of the day. With so many students coming in and out of the workspace, this is crucial to seamless device deployment. Plus, in a kitchen where materials such as oil and hot water can be dangerous to device longevity, LocknCharge products provide a secure point of storage so technology remains locked up and safely out of the way when not in use. This saves the program time and money and greatly reduces the need to replace damaged devices.

Students will be prepared

Classrooms can ensure that devices are charged and ready to use at the beginning of every day by utilizing a centralized, secure Charging Station. Baskets enable students to take part in classroom responsibility, allowing teachers to focus on teaching and empowering students to take the reins on classroom management. Teachers and program leaders can rest assured that devices are always ready to use when the need arises.

Easy mobility

Carts and Baskets offer mobility throughout a classroom, throughout a building or between facilities. This is perfect if devices need to be shared between classrooms or stored in different rooms. For culinary programs that share time between the kitchen and traditional classroom setting, Baskets and Mobile Charging Stations provide flexible, efficient and safe transport of devices so that teachers experience stress-free transitions from one location to another. In fact, without a LocknCharge Charging Station, your breakage rate of devices is about 10%. With a LocknCharge Charging Station, we’ve seen customers experience a breakage rate of only .002.

Have more space in the classroom

The compact sizes of Charging Stations mean less space is eaten up in the classroom or kitchen. This makes them great for space-strapped environments. Having a centralized storage point will also allow students and teachers to know where to go when they need to use a device. For students who store recipes and inventory information electronically, having access to fully-charged mobile or tablet devices allows them to rid their culinary station of paper, books, and other bulky, unnecessary items.

Ultimately, there are a variety of reasons why charging stations should be utilized in the classroom and training kitchen. We make life easier and allow students to spend less time charging and more time cooking.

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