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THRIVE Affordable Vet Care Embraces Technology to Provide Quality Pet Care

THRIVE® Affordable Vet Care is disrupting the small animal veterinary industry through the use of technology in their clinics. In a field that has historically lagged behind in the adoption of tech, THRIVE has emerged as a thought leader in this space by incorporating iPads and the LocknCharge CarryOn Charging Station into their everyday workflow. Their goals? To create efficiencies that will allow their staff to provide quality, affordable veterinary care to the masses.

Scaling to Multiple Locations with Mobile Device Technology

Technology has also allowed THRIVE to scale their business from a handful of clinics in the Austin, TX area, to 20 clinics throughout the US with the goal of 50 clinics by the end of 2018. Here are some ways they’ve been able to work smarter through the use of technology:

Thrive Affordable Vet Care

  • Clients are able to check in, confirm their contact information and update their pet’s medical history on an iPad as soon as they walk through the front entrance.
  • Vets are able to show clients x-rays directly on the mobile device, only minutes after an x-ray is taken.
  • From check-up to check-out, the clinic rooms are now the one point of experience for the client. All payments are processed inside the room, allowing customers to ask any billing questions in the privacy of that room.
  • Vets and Vet Techs are able to provide electronic medical records directly to the customers through email.

LocknCharge CarryOn Inside Thrive Affordable Vet Care

Efficient Charging Solutions Keep Devices Charged, Secure and Ready for Use

The CarryOn Ultra-Mobile Charging Station by LocknCharge is a key component of this mobile device initiative. The iPad charging station is durable, secure, compact, easy to move and easy to use. Charging cables stay organized, making it simple to plug in devices each night. A centralized point of charging ensures that employees always know where to find the devices in the morning. The CarryOn Charging Station has given THRIVE Vet the confidence to know that their devices will always be charged and ready to use each and every day. All of these factors together have allowed THRIVE Affordable Vet Care to meet and exceed their goals.

Hear from employees at THRIVE Affordable Vet Care:

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