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3 Ways LocknCharge Can Help Solve Mobile Device Deployment Challenges

If you’re rolling out mobile devices across your organization, you’ve probably already done a lot of heavy lifting: selecting devices, developing apps, and strategizing the outcomes. You’re ready to launch … right? Not so fast. Successful mobile device deployment involves more than buying the devices and hoping for the best. 

Watch the video to discover the top challenges your organization could face, then read on for more details—and learn how we can help.

Challenge #1: Charging

According to our own research, 63% of organizations provide devices that are shared among employees, but only 27% have considered centralized charging—a key component of mobile device deployment. Uncharged devices can lead to a host of negative outcomes, including lost productivity and slower adoption of new processes. That’s why one of your most important considerations is how to charge devices when they’re not in use.

Solution: Versatile Charging Stations

LocknCharge charging stations provide a centralized point for charging, so staff members always know where to find charged devices. From carts to wall-mounts, our charging stations can fit in any space, and with versatile open designs and configurable baskets, we have solutions for multiple devices of any type. Plus many of our charging stations have external displays so you can see which devices are charged at a glance. 

Challenge #2: Lost and Broken Devices 

In our survey, 25% of respondents rated lost devices as a “very painful” mobile device deployment challenge. It’s no surprise: Lost and broken devices can create substantial budget overruns, not only due to replacement costs and IT labor, but also due to data breaches. Our research has also shown that 41% of data breaches are due to lost or stolen devices, which can lead to crippling fines and bring the success of your program to a screeching halt.

Solution: Smart Lockers

Smart lockers like our FUYL Tower give you the ability to not only securely store and charge your devices in a central location, but to improve your break/fix and check-in/check-out processes. With individual bays that you can remotely assign via PIN or RFID code, you can allow employees or students to pick up and drop off devices, contact-free, while improving accountability, because you always know who has which device.

Challenge #3: Security

After lost devices, the second-biggest challenge for mobile device deployment was theft: More than 20% of respondents in our survey rated device theft as very painful. Thieves not only target your data, but will also re-sell your devices or their parts to make some quick cash. That’s why one of the most important parts of any mobile device management strategy is security—not just of your data, but of the physical device itself.

Solution: Secure Design and Unique Features

If your team doesn’t use your charging stations or smart lockers, your security strategy will already have a weakness. LocknCharge devices are designed for efficiency and ease of use, making your employees’ or students’ lives more convenient, not more difficult, which encourages use—and helps improve security. 

Our charging stations are also professional-grade. They’re made from durable, high-quality materials. Some carts come with anchor kits so you can secure them to the floor if desired. And all products come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

At LocknCharge, we are the experts in mobile device deployment. Our charging stations seamlessly integrate into your workflow, so you can forget about charging and security and focus on your goals, while innovative product features increase your staff’s productivity.

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