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Our Best Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

At LocknCharge, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality of multi device charging stations for mobile device deployments.

Our mission is to make life easier for schools and organisations implementing mobile device technology. If your school or organisation has a number of devices to maintain and manage, you know how difficult it can be to find a charging solution or management system that works.

Cords can get tangled, devices become lost or stolen, a limited number of outlets can lead to a counterintuitive technology plan and device management for broken devices is compounding. With 73% of businesses failing to find a proper charging station for their technology, these problems are more common than you think! We’ve rounded up some of our best charging stations, smart lockers and charging cart innovations to give you our ‘Best Charging Stations for Multiple Devices.’ 


1. Joey Charging Carts

Affordability meets functionality.

LocknCharge Joey Cart

Our Joey Carts are an affordable option for any school or business looking to charge multiple devices. The design of this Cart accommodates both racks and Baskets so you can charge up to 30 or 40 of just about any device with a 17” screen size.  

Not only is the cart small and compact in size, but it also takes only minutes to wire the entire Cart. Plus the power strips are now more easily accessible, so you no longer have to wrestle with tangled cords. There’s plenty to love about this cart! Check it out here.

2. FUYL Tower Pro

The FUYL Tower Pro takes device management to the next level.

The FUYL Tower Pro Smart Locker is an Intelligent Asset Management System™ that charges, stores, secures and manages assets for most mobile devices in 15 individually-lockable compartments.

This smart charging locker has 15 individually-lockable compartments, each equipped with a power outlet and a 2.4 amp USB port. You can manage almost any device, including iPads, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, Chromebooks and more. Learn more about the FUYL Tower Smart Locker here.

3. Carrier Carts

Carrier 20, 30 and 40 Carts provide ultimate security and durability.


Secure, efficient and a future-proofed, Carrier 20, 30 and 40 Carts sound almost too good to be true, right? Well, these Carts live up to the task. With the option for either racks or baskets, Carrier Carts accommodate almost any device up to 17”. Remove the racks or baskets to create an open-concept design that can also hold other technology such as robotics, printers, drones and more. Our Carry Baskets hold five devices  and make device deployment quick and easy. The top-loading design ensures easy access to devices–no more bending down to gather devices on a bottom shelf. And with cabling stored in the bottom of the Cart, power bricks and cords stay organised and will never go missing Explore the Carrier 30 Cart here.

4. Revolution 32 Charging Cabinet

Charge a greater number of devices in a small footprint.

This charging cabinet can accommodate 32 devices up to 17 inches, with or without a case while taking up 50% less floor space than a traditional charging cart. For 1:1 classrooms that are tight on space but need to charge, store and secure a greater amount of devices, the Revolution 32 Charging Cabinet is just the ticket. And with ECO Safe Charge Power Management, you can easily charge 32 devices in the same amount of time as just one. Learn more here.

5. Carrier Charging Stations

Carrying you to better charging solutions, one station at a time.

Limited on space? No worries - with our Carrier Charging Stations, you can make any wall or desk a secure charging station up to 10 devices.

This charging station also comes equipped with Baskets, making deployment of devices up to 15” faster and easier. And for devices up to 17”, swap the Baskets for Racks to easily accommodate larger devices. Still not convinced? Charge your devices while they’re safely locked, giving you back classroom and work time. Check out the station here.

While these are five great options for your mobile deployment initiative, we have countless more on our website. Follow this link to explore all of our products.

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