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Mobile technology is infinitely changing and mobiles devices continue to shape our work place. Read about the technology and devices that shape LocknCharge solutions, and potentially your working and learning environment.

New Products at BETT 2019

LocknCharge to launch its new range of charge and store devices aimed at saving time, space and funding for schools, at BETT 2019.

LocknCharge is committed to making teachers’ lives easier by manufacturing high quality solutions for syncing, charging, transporting, securing and storing iPads, Chromebooks, tablets and other mobile devices.

On stand F250 at BETT 2019, LocknCharge will showcase its innovative new range of charging and storage stations and portable baskets aimed at making teachers lives easier.

 Does your school have too little time, too little space, too little funding? Whether it is affordability, flexibility or ease of use, LocknCharge has a superior range of options for any school seeking real-life answers to their storage and device management problems. 

Currently facilitating deployments in over 30 countries worldwide, LocknCharge have had major Global success in the education sector with their unique charging systems. LocknCharge recognises that not all schools are the same.  That is why they offer a multitude of different storage and charging solutions to suit any educational establishment.

LocknCharge is world famous for its unique and innovative basket designs, which keep tablets safe and reduce the time spent by teachers in distributing devices, as well as the time spent by children queuing up to put them away in a traditional cabinet style solution. This means teaching can happen faster – saving over two weeks of instructional time per cart each year!

Other common problems in schools include a lack of available space, and with a choice of stations complete with a small footprint, and lightweight frame, a school can easily install smaller units to the floor, wall or desk to save valuable footprint.  

LocknCharge will be launching their Carrier 15, the Revolution 32 Charging Cabinet, their Putnam 18-C Base, and their new Joey 30 & 40 carts at the BETT show.

The Carrier 15 charging station offers supreme flexibility (with the inclusion of LocknCharge baskets and a wire rack to accommodate devices over 13”) and is truly universal as it is compatible with Chromebook, Tablet, iPad devices and more. It is wall or desk mountable – saving valuable floor space within a classroom. With easy cable management, you can simultaneously charge up to 15 devices at one time.

The Revolution 32 charging station is ideal for classrooms that are tight on space but have a large volume of devices to charge and store.  It takes up 40% less floor space than a cart with its tall slim design and can accommodate a huge variety of devices due to its innovative power strips which slide on a clever track to make space for just about any type of device cords or power bricks.

The Putnam 18-C Base Charging station is designed to individually store, charge and secure up to 18 Chromebook or small laptops.  The Charging Station is extremely easily to cable and set up. Plus, with numbered slots for each device, teachers can easily know which slots are available and can assign them easily. For larger schools, two or more units can be stacked, whilst still remaining ultra-small on footprint. With an integrated mechanical combination lock too, there are no keys to worry about either.

Appreciating that budget is a genuine concern for many districts who do not want to compromise on choosing the right cart, locker or charging station for their schools, also on show at BETT 2019 are the new Joey 30 & 40 carts, designed for schools to enjoy the education-focused designs that LocknCharge is known for, at a more entry level price.   

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge, says: “LocknCharge products keep devices safe and charged, and always ready for use. Schools all have differing needs and our new products provide an even wider range of options to fit any type of device deployment. Whether a school is faced with too little time, too little budget or too little space – we have something that can help resolve each of these problems. We are pleased to be able to offer solutions to our customers and new visitors alike at BETT 2019.”

Something also to watch out for in 2019 is TechDen™ – the new LocknCharge brand for parents to help manage screen time at home.  

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