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The Best Mobile Device Management and Physical Security Strategy

LNC-Mobile Device Physical Security

Mobile device management (MDM) is more critical to businesses than ever before. Mobile devices are convenient and affordable, making them a must-have for many organizations. But with the rise in mobile devices comes a rise in security risks. Having a strategy for this modern work environment is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

According to Verizon’s recent Mobile Security Index report, 40% of respondents said that mobile devices are the biggest IT security threat, and over half categorized the consequences they suffered from a mobile-device-related security compromise as “major.” And cyberattacks on businesses have increased by 50% year over year. 

The threat of intellectual property loss and reputational damage is real. But as the use of these devices skyrockets thanks to remote learning and working, the benefits of mobile device management can no longer be ignored. Here’s what organizations need to know.

What Is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile device management is an organization’s strategy to monitor and secure devices in order to reduce theft, loss and device misuse. Common MDM best practices include:

  • Disk encryption
  • Strong passwords and two-factor authentication
  • Limited log-in time and automatic logout
  • Use of anti-virus software
  • Automatically blocking or disabling unapproved apps
  • Keeping all device software up to date and performing regular backups
  • Ability to wipe data remotely for lost or stolen devices

The best MDM strategies also include physical device management, such as keeping track of inventory, implementing secure check-in/check-out with smart lockers and providing training that keeps everyone on the same page. That’s how organizations can realize the biggest benefits of MDM.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

A well-thought-out MDM strategy has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Better security. Even if your organization doesn’t collect personal data that needs to be protected, mobile device management can also help keep intellectual property and other important information secure. 
  • Accountability. The ability to track who has which device at any given moment improves accountability and helps ensure devices are returned and charged properly.
  • Application control. MDM means you can not only control which apps are on your devices, but also automate updates and sync devices to keep files and programs uniform.
  • Lower costs. Over the long-term, all of these things result in one ultimate benefit for your organization: reduced costs due to fewer lost and stolen devices and improved efficiency.

Physical Device Security as Part of an MDM Strategy

Many businesses are taking steps such as incorporating up-to-date MDM security software. But software alone might no longer be enough. Physical security is also essential, which is why many organizations are turning to mobile device charging stations and smart lockers as a part of their MDM strategy. 

Smart lockers are more than just a place to store a device. They can help protect your devices against security breaches and compromised data and can save time and resources spent tracking down, fixing and replacing devices. Their benefits include: 

  • Theft prevention. Devices can be locked and protected in an ultra-secure, high-quality smart locker to help prevent device theft. That can help mitigate your risk of a data breach and lower your costs for replacing stolen devices.
  • Improved productivity. With power outlets and USB ports that can charge a variety of devices and let you know when they’re available for use, smart lockers help ensure that employees have access to fully charged devices for every shift.
  • Reduced downtime. When devices are properly stored, charged and secured in smart lockers or charging stations, employees and students can self-service a replacement whenever they need one, reducing interruptions and downtime.
  • Increased efficiency. Smart lockers or charging stations can help you automate processes for check in/out, break/fix, and shared or loaner devices, allowing skilled IT teams to focus on more important strategic projects and saving you labor costs.

How the FUYL Tower Helps Support MDM

Solutions like the FUYL Tower can support mobile device management. Your team can allow access to designated bays remotely, reducing the need for time-consuming face-to-face interactions and staying in step with the future of IT and operations. Plus our smart lockers offer benefits not matched by our competitors, like:

Quality materials and lifetime warranties. Our products are made with high-quality steel and most are backed by a lifetime warranty. Your devices will be protected today, tomorrow and well into the future.

  • Feature-rich cloud platform with data protection. With the LocknCharge Cloud, you can store data in the cloud, which can be protected with industry-standard encryption certificates and regulated admin access.
  • Future-proof flexibility. Easily switch modes thanks to Cloud connections that can flex to new workflows as tech advances and device management needs change. 
  • Unmatched customer support. Our local Customer Support Team will help solve any issue you may have with your smart lockers. Plus, a dedicated support website empowers you with valuable resources to troubleshoot commonly asked questions.

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