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3 Best Charging Stations for Mobile Devices in Healthcare

If your healthcare facility owns mobile devices, such as iPad or Tablet devices for staff or shift workers to complete their work, then you need a simple, yet secure way to store, charge, and distribute the devices. A high-quality storage system like a charging station can solve this need.

Cords can get tangled, devices become lost or stolen, a limited number of outlets can lead to a counterintuitive technology plan and device management for broken devices is compounding. With 73% of businesses failing to find a proper charging station for their technology, these problems are more common than you think!

When it comes to productivity, an uncharged mobile device can have serious downstream consequences. Consider cost of the employee's downtime if staff are left searching for a working device or having to revert back to manual processes to get work done.

Choosing the right charging station for your healthcare facility or clinic depends on many factors, such as how many mobile devices you need to store and charge and what type of devices you have.

At LocknCharge, we design and make charging stations for healthcare to meet the needs of high-stress, high-stakes environments.

Top 3 Picks for the Best Charing Stations for Healthcare

1. Putnam Charging Stations

Designed to charge, store, and secure up to 8 or 16 iPad or Tablet devices, the Putnam Charging Stations are a wall-mounted or stackable charging locker that features color-coded LED displays so you know when your devices are charged and ready to use. Perfect for busy healthcare professionals.

The Putnam Charging Station comes equipped with 8 or 16 MFi-approved Lightning cables, supplying 2.4 amp charging at each port. The cables are the perfect length for quickly plugging in devices after use.

The iQ 10 Charging Station lets you charge, store, and secure up to 10 iPad or Tablet devices in a compact unit that can be mounted on a desk or wall.

A unique feature in this charging station is that devices are store in removable, portable baskets meaning you can grab and transport a set of devices to any location with ease. Device racks are also included if baskets do not work with your workflow.

CarryOn Charging Station with USB-C PD

Our most compact and portable charging station. The CarryOn is designed to charge, store, secure and transport up to 5 iPad or Tablet devices.

The CarryOn can store tablets with screen sizes up to 10 inches, with or without cases. Its aluminium outer shell makes it both lightweight and durable, protecting the devices inside. The transparent acrylic door lets you quickly see that all devices are there and ready to use.

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