Why Security is Imperative for Storing Portable Electronic Devices

August 17, 2018

Securing is critical in storing portable electronic device | LocknCharge

Keeping property safe is at the forefront of many people’s’ minds. We have home security systems, security guards, locks, passcodes, complicated passwords, and so many other ways to keep our valuables secure.

With many organisations using portable electronic devices like laptops, iPads, and mobile phones for conducting everyday activities, it’s imperative to keep these items safe. Many of these devices have hundreds of gigabytes of private data on them, including credit card numbers, healthcare information, and social security numbers, to name a few. Imagine if you had a break-in happen in your organisation. Now, imagine if the thieves got ahold of your customers’ critical information.

Data loss costs more than you think. According to an article from Druva, “every lost laptop costs an organisation approximately $49,000. These costs are based purely on the value of the data on the device – the loss of intellectual property and the impact of potentially compromised proprietary data. Once you add in the cost of employee downtime, the economic impact that data loss has on an organisation rises even further.”

For example, the University of Utah eye center found out in June of 2018 that a computer and its associated external storage device was stolen from its facility. The University had to warn 607 patients that their protected health information might be at risk, and they needed to proactively establish a dedicated call center. This could have damaged their reputation to a point of no return as patients would have lost trust in their care.

In July of 2018, burglars broke into a school in San Diego and stole 172 iPads, two iMacs and one MacBook Air… an estimated loss of about $90,000. Washington D.C. reported that at least 300 computers or tablets have been stolen from D.C. Public Schools in the past 3 years. Could all of this have been avoided? Quite possibly, with the use of a multi device charging station.

There are many ways to keep portable electronic devices safe, and the one that is the most effective is a system that charges these devices and locks them up at the same time. LocknCharge offers secure storage solutions for schools, hospitals, STEM labs, and more. Request a consultation today.

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