A Quick Word from LocknCharge CEO, James Symons

February 4, 2020
James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge, is here to fill you in on what’s happening at LocknCharge as we head into 2020.

First, we have some new products and services coming out this year. So be sure to stay tuned throughout 2020 as we make those announcements to the public.

Second, our customers have spoken out time and time again about our exceptional customer service. We are REALLY proud of our Net Promoter Score for Customer Support of 97, which competes with some of the largest tech giants in the world.

Next, for those interested in our products, we highly recommend joining us for a product demo. You’re welcome to stop by any of or demo rooms around the world, or we can come to you via the internet through a live video demonstration. We’re happy to walk you through all the features and benefits of our products and how they will make your life easier for you in your environment.

Last, thank you for all of your support regarding the bush fires in Australia. Thankfully, the cities that LocknCharge operates in have been largely unaffected.

We hope 2020 is a fantastic year for all of you.

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