Case Study: Harton Academy Chooses LocknCharge Products

June 28, 2018

Harton Technology College Sign

Harton Academy, the winner of our £5,000 makeover, has chosen the FUYL Tower, Putnam 16 Charging Station and two iQ10 Charging Stations as their prize. The school has found four innovative ways to use iPads throughout the school and will be utilizing their new LocknCharge products to assist with their tablet deployment plans.

FUYL Tower

FUYL Tower inside Harton Academy's library.

The LocknCharge FUYL Tower Charging Locker, with 15 individually-lockable compartments, can now be found in their library and will serve two main purposes. The school plans to fill 7-8 bays with ready-to-use devices that can be issued to students by the librarian using a 4-digit pin. The remaining bays will remain empty and available so that students can securely charge their personal and school-issued devices throughout the day.


Putnam 16 Charging Station

LocknCharge Putnam 16 Charging Station inside Harton Academy's Music Department

The Putnam 16 Charging Station, a compact iPad Charging Station, will be housed inside their music department. The iPad devices within the music department will be replacing the need for piano sheet music.

iQ10 Charging Stations

Charging Station #1: PE Teachers at Harton Academy are creating digital lesson plans that are accessed on the sports fields via an iPad device. They will be using the iQ10 Charing Station to securely charge their devices between classes or at the end of each day.

Charging Station #2: Students who are struggling in a typical classroom setting will be using iPads within the Learning Resource Area–an alternate learning environment. These students will be able to securely charge their iPads at the end of each day inside the iQ10 Charging Station.


Stay tuned for more information about how Harton Academy innovative ideas for integrating iPad technology into their school for both students and teachers.

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