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Introducing the new Carrier 30 Cart

LocknCharge Announces New Charging and Storage Classroom Cart

New Carrier 30 Cart™ features charging technology that allows simultaneous charging of 30 devices and ergonomic carry baskets to ease and save time distributing devices

London, UK, November, 2014 – K-12 mobile device management specialist LocknCharge announced a new and more compact Carrier 30 Cart – an innovative solution for storing, charging and protecting mobile devices in schools. The cart lets teachers focus on teaching using mobile technology without being slowed down by it. The portable high-quality steel Carrier 30 Cart makes organizing and charging mobile devices in the classroom a breeze. The cart is universal and flexibly designed to adapt to a school’s changes in mobile technology. It is compatible with iPad, Chromebook, tablet and laptop devices*. The Carrier 30 Cart enables simultaneous charging of up to 30 devices and is the only cart to ease and speed up device distribution and sharing through ergonomic carry baskets. The large well inside the cart holds up to six baskets of five devices and is designed to enable several people to access it at once.

By using multiple baskets to contain the devices, multiple students can quickly grab a basket and help distribute, or the baskets can be passed down rows. The baskets are light and easy to carry to a different room, if rooms are sharing devices, without moving the whole cart. The baskets also helps to protect the devices from accidental dropping and designed to fit devices with or without cases.

“The Carrier 30 Cart is the most universal technology storage cart on the market,” said James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge. “Designed with this premise in mind, our customers shouldn’t have to repurchase a cart if they change their technology.”

LocknCharge, a global leader in providing K-12 mobile device management solutions, is located in London, UK. The company is known for innovative carts that efficiently store and simultaneously charge mobile devices in Schools. LocknCharge is showcasing the Carrier 30 Cart in its booth at BETT in January 2015.

LocknCharge’s top of the line smart power management system within the Carrier 30 CartECO Safe Charge™, can handle the power requirements of almost any device by staging the availability of power to each bank of devices. Different types of devices can be charged right alongside each other in the same bank. This power system also prevents the main electric circuit in the room from being overloaded, to keep classrooms up and running with many devices that need power.

LocknCharge documented a significant reduction in laptop thefts at schools in Australia that used its original cart to store laptops. The cube-shaped Carrier 30 Cart features an advanced highly secure sliding top lid, with two layers of key locks to protect the school’s valuable mobile technology investment safely inside. The included floor anchor kit provides further security by enabling teachers to chain the cart to floor at the end of the day, locking it in place so it can’t be moved or stolen.

New Features

LocknCharge’s primary goal is to make life easier for teachers, students and IT administrators. It is building a reputation as the most innovative and trusted brand in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology. LocknCharge listened to customer feedback and incorporated new features that they wanted in the Carrier 30 Cart:

  • New five-slot Carry Baskets give users the flexibility to deploy Chromebook, tablet or iPad devices with ease. The new and improved baskets are lighter, easier to grip, and are designed to accommodate almost any device, with or without cases.
  • Improved cable management. The Carrier 30 Cart features a new center channel system which holds all the device cables in place. It is now neater and easier to set up.
  • New soft-closing, sliding lid. The soft close protects teachers’ and students’ fingers from being caught in the lid and closes quietly. The lid secures up to 30 Chromebook, tablet or iPad devices and the baskets that they are stored inside.
  • Smaller footprint takes up less storage space.


* May not fit all devices. Click here to download the device compatibility document. If the device is too big for the Basket, the customer must purchase the Stainless Steel Device Rack at an additional cost. Fitting Laptops and other large devices  is only possible with the Stainless Steel Device Rack – sold separately.


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