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TechDen Helps Families Decrease Screen Time

LocknCharge has been around since 1998 and has expanded to so many important industries like healthcare, retail, hospitality and more. TechDen is the brainchild of LocknCharge CEO James Symons and aims to transform how families manage devices in their home.

Did you know: The average smartphone user checks their phone 47 times a day? That’s 17,155 times a year!

With stats like this, there’s no denying that there is a serious smartphone addiction – especially among kids and teens.TechDen - Managing Screen Time

Because of this, parents all over are looking for methods to cut down on their family’s screen time. This is where Tech Den comes in.

The Den is a physical, in-home charging station in which families can give their smartphones a time out. In addition to the charging station, the Den offers an app that families can use to set boundaries and screen time expectations. The main goal of this product is to avoid the pitfalls of constant distractions and smartphone usage.

When setting up screen-time sessions with the Den, parents are able to choose when their kids are allowed to use their device and for how long – up to an hour. Even if a session is not active, the Den remains locked and children do not have access to devices.

The charging station works alongside an app, which is activated when the smartphone is in use and starts a timer via notifications. When screen time is up, the child will receive a notification that the device needs to be returned to the Den, and if it is not returned within 5 minutes, parents will receive a notification.

James Symons says: “When creating the Den, our focus was not on taking away screen time for kids, but rather to promote a positive balance between screen time and family time.”

The Den is compatible with both iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets and can store and charge two devices at once. It has two doors which open and close independently and includes easy storing and access to devices.

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