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Customer Experience Made Easy by Brompton Bicycle

Who is Brompton

Brompton Bicycle is the manufacturer of the iconic folding bike. They manufacture 45,000 bikes per year, selling bikes in over 1,500 stores globally (selling in 44 countries). Additionally, they have 13 Brompton Junction flagship stores, with stores in China, Japan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Munich, Paris and Covent Garden London.

The Challenge

Brompton is announcing the first run of Brompton Electric bikes and expects their store will be overwhelmed with footfall from fans desperate to trial a Brompton Electric and pay a deposit to be part of the first wave release, which is forecasted for very early 2018. Commuters can only pay their deposit and register through the Brompton website, which means their team needs to have iPad devices at their fingertips to create a seamless customer experience. The LocknCharge CarryOn’s are part of that customer experience, as having iPad Devices or Microsoft Surfaces centrally stored, charged and ready to use is imperative to create a slick experience to complement the actual bike!

Deployment Plan

Devices are a critical part of improving customer interaction and creating a best-in-class customer experience at their flagship store, central London.  Their goal was to find a solution that would save them time and space, while providing the charging functionality that they need for a busy retail shop. The overall goal is for customers to demo a bike, then use the iPad/Surface to enter information and pay a deposit to ensure that they’ll receive their bike in the first release.

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