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Discontinued: FUYL Tower™ Charging Locker


What are the dimensions of each compartment?

390W x 430D x 77H (mm)

Are the bolts for mounting the FUYL Tower to the wall included?

Yes. Along with a full set of instructions on how to do it.

Are there costs associated with the FUYL Tower Assist service?

No. This feature is currently free.

Is the administrator software cloud based, integrated in the FUYL Tower or installed on the administrator PC?

Each FUYLTowers has its own Management Portal, which can only be accessed locally from a Web browser by the Local (site) Administrator (Eg School IT person) from any computer with a Web Browser on their Local Area Network.

If a problem occurs with a locker (perhaps a door is forced open), how would the administrator know?

The Administrator would either have to be verbally informed, or they could log into the Tower’s Management Portal, to be made aware of the problem.

If the Tower has been registered for the FUYL Tower Assist service, they would be automatically notified by email.

How soon will FUYL Tower Assist notify the administrator after the problem has occured?

Towers registered for Assist receive an email alert within 15 minutes of a breach or other suspicious activity.

Note that the Assist capability requires that the FUYL Tower have access beyond the bounds of its Local Area Network. It need to be connected to the Internet.

If i have multiple FUYL Towers, do i need to register all of them to FUYL Tower Assist?

You can register as many or as little as you like. But we recommend you register all as it saves Administrators a lot of time when it comes to monitoring them.

Without Assist, monitoring to detect problems would require having to ‘pull‘ status information one at a time by logging in to each FUYL Tower. With Assist, alerts are ‘pushed‘ to the Client within 15 minutes of a security issue.

How do i sign up to FUYL Tower Assist?

This only requires emailing an Assist Subscription request from the FUYL Tower Administrator (eg School IT person). A LocknCharge Assist Administrator will respond with a subscriber password.
The FUYL Tower Administrator (eg School IT person) would then enter these details on their FUYL Tower(s) via the Management Portal. From this moment on they will receive alerts, and this may of course be on or off-site.

Do I have to use FUYL Tower Assist or the Management Portal?

FUYL Tower Assist and the Management Portal are great tools to get the most out of your FUYL Tower, but it can be used with these features straight 'out of the box'. Below is a snapshot of the differences in use scenarios:

1. Stand Alone: the FUYL Tower is used as an electronic locker, only permitting access to lockers via the keypad.

2. Networked: the FUYL Tower is connected to a Client’s Local Area Network via WiFi or Ethernet. This allows:
a. keypad access
b. PLUS the ability to control access to any FUYL Tower on a Local Area Network from any computer on that LAN, connecting either by WiFi or Ethernet. Using a Web browser, the local Administrator may log onto each Tower’s Management Portal. From the portal they may view status, or control lockers (open or locked).

3. Assist enabled: The FUYL Tower is configured to permit Web access, and is registered to make use of Assist services. This allows:
a. keypad access
b. the ability to control access to any FUYLTower on a Local Area Network from any computer on that LAN, connecting either by WiFi or Ethernet. Using a Web brows-er, the Local Administrator may log onto each tower’s Management Portal. To view status, or control lockers (open or locked).
c. PLUS automated email notifications of suspicious activity or locker failures, on or off-site.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you change the admin password on the FUYL Tower keypad entry and forget it, you can use the FUYL Tower Management portal from a web browser to reset it. Log into the Management Portal, browse to the System tab and click on the “Reset Auth” button.

If you change the FUYL Tower Management port password on a web browser and forget this, the FUYL Tower will require a factory reset. Please contact us for further instructions.


FUYL Tower Firmware Update - 22 April 2016

Replace the SD Flash Card to install new firmware.

FUYL Tower Instruction manual

LocknCharge products are easy to set up. Download the instruction manual for more information.

FUYL Tower Quick Start Guide

Download the quick start quick to get you FUYL Tower up and running.

FUYL Tower Management Portal Instructions

Download the FUYL Tower Management Portal Instructions to set up the back end of the system.

FUYL Tower Unpacking Guide

A guide to unpacking your FUYL Tower and getting it up and running.

FUYL Tower WiFi Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing WiFi to the FUYL Tower

FUYL Tower Software Installation Instructions

Instructions for how to update FUYL Tower Software.

FUYL V1.14 Software Download Files

Existing customers with V1.09 and above can download these file, then upload via your management portal to upgrade your Tower to the latest software version.

Additional FAQs – Subnets and IP addresses

Frequently asked questions regarding subnets and IP addresses.


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