USB-C Docking

Dock your Chromebooks with ease in our USB-C Docking solutions. Quick Connect technology by LocknCharge allows users to slide Dell 3100 Chromebooks into a dock to charge without dealing with cables. The USB-C connector is positioned perfectly so that it quickly connects to your device to begin charging.

EPIC™ 6 Docking Station

Conveniently dock and charge up to 6 Dell 3100 Chromebooks at an affordable price.

EPIC™ Docking Carts

Dock, charge, store, secure and transport up to 24 or 36 Dell 3100 Chromebooks at an affordable price in this side-loading cart.

USB-C Docking Kit for Dell Carts

Convert a Dell Compact 36 Charging Cart to USB-C docking in just 30 minutes to charge, store and secure Dell 3100 Chromebooks.

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