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THRIVE Affordable Vet Care Embraces Technology to Provide Quality Pet Care

By mollyp | May 3, 2018

THRIVE® Affordable Vet Care is disrupting the small animal veterinary…

The University of Oklahoma K20 Center Takes the Guesswork Out of Ed Tech

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LocknCharge Customer Voices: Grand Prairie ISD Partners with LocknCharge to Deploy and Manage 34,000 Devices

By mollyp | April 4, 2018

See how Chris Malone, Director of Technology at Grand Prairie…

LocknCharge Customer Voices: Teacher’s Apprehension of Mobile Device Deployment Disappears with the Help of the Putnam 16.

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LocknCharge Customer Voices: Teacher Gets Back Valuable Instruction Time by Using the Putnam 16 Charging Station

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LocknCharge Customer Voices: The Sphero Charging Case Enable Teachers to Run Robotics Sessions More Easily

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Hear from Kym Fanelli, a teacher at Koondoola Primary School…

Inflight Pilot Training Uses the FUYL Tower to Streamline Business Operations

By mollyp | March 5, 2018

As a pioneer in the industry, Trever had to build his iPad deployment plan from the ground up. Buying the iPads was the “easy” part, but to streamline business operations, he had to figure out a way to get the iPads into the hands of pilots without adding more work for his employees. He envisioned a secure station where pilots could check out a plane-assigned iPad without the help of a staff member. After a few hours of online research, Rossini found a charging station that met all of his criteria.

What do you love about teaching?

By mollyp | February 14, 2018

Real teachers share what they love about teaching:

LocknCharge Customer Voices: Math teacher maintains bell-to-bell teaching while implementing a 1:1 iPad program.

By mollyp | February 14, 2018

8th Grade Math Teacher, Sarah Wright, was worried about how…

Flight School Uses Charging Towers to Manage iPads

By mollyp | January 9, 2018

Trever Rossini, the owner of Inflight Pilot Training, is using the LocknCharge FUYL Tower to manage iPad devices used during flight. His investment in technology shows his customers that he has made a commitment to enhancing their experience.