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What is the life of the bulb and how many uses until I need to change the bulbs?

The bulbs will last for a total of 25,000 hours of disinfection time.

Which translates to 3M uses in manual cycle mode or 1.5M uses in automatic cycle mode.

How often do I have to change the bulbs, and how will I know when one needs to be changed?

If a bulb change is required, you will be prompted as such on unit display. You can view what specific bulb is requiring replacement through the app. If you are not prompted to replace your bulb(s) we recommend you do so every 10 years.

How do change the bulbs?

We will have step-by-step instructions. We recommend this is done through your maintenance team or by utilizing 3rd party services that administer these types of white glove services. If you have questions, please contact our customer support team.

Where do I purchase replacement bulbs?

These will be available to purchase through our current channel partners selling UVone. This will include Amazon.

How many bulbs are in my UVone unit?

There are a total of 16 bulbs. 14 large bulbs and 2 small bulbs.

How long is the cycle time?

30 seconds

Does the door automatically open when the cycle ends?

If this is desired it can be changed via the Settings in the App., otherwise the default setting requires the user to wave their hand in front of the sensor for door to reopen and access their device(s).

Can I stop a cycle mid-cycle?

Yes, you can stop the 30-second cycle at anytime by waving your hand in front of the sensor at the top of the device.

My unit displays "Warming Up", what is it doing and for how long?

It does this after an hour of non-use and lasts 2 minutes. It does this to ensure the bulbs ignite quickly when a disinfection cycle takes place.

How do I know how much time remains on the disinfection cycle time or when it's complete?

Users are able to see how much time remains until a device is completely disinfected. The UVone display will indicate when a cycle is completed.

How many devices will it will fit?

UVone can accommodate any device within 10.5 in (L) x 1.5 in (W) x 7.25 (H)–including tablet devices, iPad Devices, iPhones, Vocera Phones, Voalte Phones, Ascom Phones and more with or without a case. It can disinfect up to three smaller devices at one time.

Can it be mounted to a wall?

Yes, it can be mounted to a wall with the mounting plate included with your UVone purchase. It can also be mounted to a wall using the included LocknCharge wall mount or any universal VESA wall mount.

Does it lock or charge my device?

No, it disinfects devices.

Where is the best place for UVone?

The sleek, compact design of UVone seamlessly integrates into any environment. Mount the station directly outside operating rooms, patient rooms, nurse’s stations or any area that is most convenient for use. Ideal for critical care areas such as: NICU and ICU.

How does it compare to conventional wipes?

Uvone is 6x quicker than conventional wipes. To be effective, traditional wipes can take upwards of three minutes to disinfect, while UVone disinfects in just 30 seconds. UV-C disinfection is more reliable and efficient than wipes–plus, it does not degrade the integrity of devices over time.

How do you validate your kill rate claims?

The 3rd party preliminary data validates kill rate claims and is available upon request. The final test data will be available in July 2020.

Should there be a power loss to the UVOne device how do I get my device out?

There is a recess for your finger to use to pry the door open manual when there is no power to the unit itself.

When will units be ready to ship?

Late summer 2020.

What types of bacteria is UVone effective in killing?

The preliminary testing was conducted only on MRSA so kills 99.9999% of MRSA. Additional testing in process includes other bacteria and viruses such as Staph, E. Coli, Strep, C-Diff. We will have those test results and more specifics on this in July 2020.

Is UVone effective in killing COVID-19?

COVID-19 is actual the name of the disease and not the virus. The virus that causes COVID-19 is SARS-CoV-2. It’s considered a Class B infectious disease, so is subject to BSL3 testing. Most commercial labs are not qualified to conduct this testing. In fact, there are less than 1,400 labs worldwide that are qualified to test for SARS-CoV-2. That being said, “Human Coronavirus 229E” is considered an acceptable “surrogate” for SARS-CoV-2. We are currently in process of testing for Human Coronavirus 229E. We should have these test results shortly. We have recently identified a lab that will be able to test UVone with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. With a limited number of labs, and these labs being very high in demand, this testing will take a bit longer, but we should have this data by September/October time frame.

What does the app do?

The app allows the user to:

  • check if a replacement bulb is required, if so, which bulb,
  • pushes through any updates to bugs or fireware
  • change from Manual to Automatic mode

What's the difference in manual vs. automatic cycle mode?

Manual mode requires an additional hand wave for a cycle to begin, vs. automatic mode which starts a cycle when the door is closed.

Therefore when a user takes his/her device from UVone after a disinfection cycle ends and waves their hand to close again it will automatically run another disinfection cycle without a device inside. UVone cannot recognize if a device or object is inside.

As a result, while in automatic cycle mode, the life of the bulbs is reduced to 1.5M uses vs. manual mode, which is 3M uses.

How easy it is to switch from manual to automatic mode?

Very easy! This is done through the app, with a simple toggle on/off to switch between the two modes of operation. 

Why does the app say PhoneSoap?

LocknCharge has partnered with PhoneSoap in developing UVone. PhoneSoap has a proven track record of designing and developing devices utilizing UV-C technology to disinfect devices.

Is the app required for use?

No, it is not necessarily required for use, however refer to question above as to what the app does.

Is there anything that show how many uses the UVone has completed?

The app shows the amount of time it has disinfected.

My unit has a bit of a smell to it, should I be concerned?

No, that’s perfectly normal and within the accepted tolerance levels. There is a very very small amount of ozone production that our noses can detect, but is still well below the EPA recommended ambient concentration of 0.05ppm.

What is the bulb wattage?

There are a total of 16 bulbs. 14 large bulbs and 2 small bulbs. The wattage of each large bulb is 6 and small, 4.5.

Do the UV-C bulbs have a safety coating?

There is not a safety coating on the bulbs, however they are behind quartz glass so the user is protected.

Will wipes really degrade my device over time?

Most cell phone providers (Apple, AT&T, Samsung) don’t suggest anything stronger than 70% ethanol or isopropyl applied via soft lint-free cloth.

Can I use UVone to disinfect masks or patient gowns?

UV-C technology works well to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. While it does work on fabrics to some extent, it’s impossible to conduct an accurate study to support kill rate claims. For this reason we cannot make any kill rate claims using masks or fabrics of any kind with UVone.

Is UVone registered with the EPA?

UVone does not require EPA product registration, although because it is considered a device that claims to kill pesticides (virus’, germs) the production facility must be registered with the EPA. Our EPA certification #’s are 93719-CHN-1 and 93719-VTM-1.

What certifications does UVone have?

UVone certifications include: ETL, CB, CE, FCC, IEC, ROHS and WEEE, coupled with our production facility being registered with the EPA.

Is UVone ETL, UL or ULC certified?

UVone is ETL certified. ETL and UL/ULC test to the same standard. The only difference being the different certifying body that issues the certification; though they all certify to the same standard that is accepted globally and interchangeably. For this reason we are only pursing ETL certification at this time.

Is UVone registered with the FDA?

No, UVone is not considered a medical device so therefore not regulated by the FDA.

Are the bulbs LED?

Yes, all 16-bulbs are LED.

How does UVone compare to carts or other disinfection stations?

UVone disinfects devices 360 degrees. In order for UV-C to be effective, the light must reach the entire surface area of device or object your disinfecting. A cart or station that has racks or otherwise does not allow for 360 degree exposure to light doesn’t effectively disinfect the entire surface area.


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